Boomtown Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Review by Harry Neary:

"In storytelling terms Star Wars: The Force Unleashed deserves a much wider audience. This story and the way it is told easily trumps two of three Star Wars prequel movies. I'd argue that the second trilogy should have started with the mostly excellent Revenge of the Sith, took The Force Unleashed as the middle and then added a third to bridge the events with A New Hope.

The story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, the feisty Imperial pilot Juno Eclipse and the birth of the Rebel Alliance is a story worthy of two hours on the big cinema screen. Certainly in Juno the game has the feisty Leia-type hero that the prequel trilogy sadly lacked.

It's a crying shame then that the game which intersects these fascinating and exciting glimpses into a mysterious period in the Star Wars canon is so poor. But could we have expected any more? After all where is our next-gen Tie-Fighter game? Where is the latest Indy point-and-click adventure. Is LucasArts a company we expect to step up to producing a triple-A title anymore?

On this evidence it is not and perhaps the Star Wars franchise will benefit from the touches of eager new hands, just as Crystal Dynamics re-ignighted the spark in the Tomb Raider franchise."

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