Sony Japan Studio Opens YouTube Channel With Wild Appearance of The Legend of Zelda & Sea of Thieves

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia opened today an official YouTube channel for its main studio SCE Japan Studio today.

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PhoenixUp447d ago

Nice to see big corporations give each other shoutouts

UltraNova446d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Yeah if only some of that goodwill was a bit more 'infectious'...

Edit @septic

Your comment is nothing but proof that some people (the very same people the meaning of the word 'goodwill' eludes them) love starting fights at a moments notice.

Edit [email protected]

Just to be perfectly clear I agreed with PhoenixUp then thrown a jab at the rest of the gaming buisiness competitors out there who should be showing some goodwill as well- nothing more nothing less.

Then dear old pal Septic and his bad mood swooped in to save(ruin?) the day, meaning to start a fight only to be followed by his lawyer, you. You intentionally ignored the fact that it was Septic who started the fight only to attack me.

Wow dude, wow...talking about gross exaggeration and double standards there buddy... when you replied to me with that comment essentially picking a fight, to point out I was starting a fight? Now that's priceless.

Edit 3 @septic

Its very amuzing when you break down like that and resort to pure nonsense and petty name calling. Grow up and take the truth like a man Septic.

Septic446d ago

Proof of how utterly petty a certain contingent is. There are various examples of others exercising that 'goodwill' only for those people to be shot down. Want me to show you examples?

Nivekki446d ago

PhoenixUp says : Nice to see big corporations give each other shoutouts

Fair comment, doesn't take a dig at any other side.

Then you say : Yeah if only some of that goodwill was a bit more 'infectious'...

Your edit is the funny part: Your comment is nothing but proof that some people (the very same people the meaning of the word 'goodwill' eludes them) love starting fights at a moments notice.

Talks about others starting fights when he's just did the same. Priceless.

Errorist76446d ago


You're the last one to educate someone about goodwill on here.

mattyboombatty69446d ago

i will help phonix in this war since ive been gaming since a teen on nes ok phonix you say nintendo invited saving games therefore getting the industry to make bigger games oh damn that ones too strong.ok how bout d pad and you say cd and he says rumble and you say memory card and then you two will make a list of current and somehow it turns to lifetime games.i just love the internet don't you i just showed how stupid fanboy wars are.

Liqu1d446d ago

There goes Septic showing his true colours again.

Septic445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Lol loving the duplicate accounts doing extra work followed by Liquid my tail, always loves to follow me around.

So Ultra, you mentioned 'goodwill' and in the same sentence you turned it into a negative implying others don't do that. Where was your goodwill?

You lot are such hypocrites blind to your own behaviour. Are you that stupid that you can't see what you did?

"Wow dude, wow...talking about gross exaggeration and double standards there buddy.."

Absolutely astonishing. It's like you wouldn't get it if someone smacked the truth against your face.

Deaf. Dumb. Blind.

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YAO-BLING446d ago

only sony gives shoutouts.. nintendo sometimes and MS... never. they only bash and thats why they have the worst Karma

XanderZane446d ago

Phil S. always give shout outs. Where have you been? Nintendo never does. Reggie is pretty arrogant anyways.

Max-Zorin445d ago

Phil gives Sony more praise, than Sony gives MS.

dantesparda445d ago

"Phil S. always give shout outs."

"Phil gives Sony more praise, than Sony gives MS."

That's because "Phil" is a secret Sony fanboy.

Im just kidding.

XanderZane446d ago

Yes. It usually only comes from Yoshida and Spencer, but it's nice to see Japan Studios provide some pictures and info on other companies big games. The E3 was great in my younger days, but I don't miss it now. All the meetings, walking, crowds, swag and free games wouldn't make me want to go again. It was nice talking to the developers like Victor Ireland (Working Design), David Perry (Shiny Entertainment), Tommy Tallarico, Yu Suzuki (Sega), Jason Rubin/Andy Gavin (Naughty Dog), John Romero (ID Games) and so many others through the years. You have a huge appreciation for what they people have done in the gaming industry.

wonderfulmonkeyman446d ago

Nintendo's execs have frequently stated that they own and love competing systems.
What rock have you been hiding under, that prevented you from knowing that?

XanderZane445d ago

Own and love competing systems? When did they say that? Once every 10 years maybe? I've heard Nintendo accepting praise, but rarely giving any to other companies or systems. Only one you might here that from is Shigeru Miyamoto. What rock did you crawl out from to spew such nonsense.

wonderfulmonkeyman446d ago

Agreed. If the fans of each one acted more like the corporations on this front, we'd have more multi-console gamers instead of gamers who insist on owning just one console, which would broaden more horizons and lead to fewer fights.
Such is the dream...

rjason12445d ago

Nope, people need to feel superior to drown out the insignificance of their own lives. So one way they do it is to come online to trash other people and what they're like.

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corroios447d ago

All games are coming to the PS4, lol. Its the biggest market.

game4funz446d ago

Some people don't know how big pc gaming is in Asia.

cartoonx1446d ago

@Rimeskeem check the PC MMO market in japan..

Errorist76446d ago

For normal games?! Wayyyy bigger!

XanderZane446d ago

PC is huge is the Asian market. Really big in Korea.

BizarroUltraman445d ago


Not even close PC and mobile way ahead of console in Japan. Do a lil search if you think I'm wrong.

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DiscoMan447d ago

Yea and cause a monopoly and watch prices go up tremendously.

Tdmd446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

And quality goes downhill with it. People don't get it: competition is good for us, consumers.

SirBradders446d ago

@tdmd what was the ps2 excuse then. Because as far ad I'm aware there was no competition yet so many games.

Whatever234446d ago

They go up tremendously no matter what .

UCForce447d ago

Well, Sony respect their competitors and give them a shout out.

Bjorn-c-blocker445d ago

Or they want to get hits from people searching for those games?

Keep believing a corporation cares.

TheColbertinator446d ago

Sony advertises other competitor's games more than Vita


TheGamez100446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Lol no this is sony japan here. They still advertise the vita, heres a 2016 christmas ad here As for the video, theyre just shoutouts, just discussing about the games as what gamers would discuss. Lol I find it funny how everyone thinks the vita is comepletely dead in the whole world when its just the west that hardly ever mentions it at all yet, in the shadows, it still has support and games still are coming out for it. I however still enjoy finishing up games I owe, remote playing, and waiting for more japanese games to be localized, oh and also price drops to tons of other great vita games i need to play.

moegooner88446d ago

He is a troll, and a terrible one at that, just ignore him.

OB1Biker446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Wait. So this is the very clever comment many gamers agree with:
'Sony advertises other competitor's games more than Vita'

I mean really?
Even if its a 'joke', its embarrassing how silly it is.

Travis3708446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Zelda on PS4 confirmed!!

JK guys...

boing1446d ago

I bet someone will take your comment to make a N4G rumour article.

Abriael446d ago

Lemme go and write that real quick.

_-EDMIX-_446d ago


Even though you're just joking it would not surprise me if in the future you would see Zelda on a PlayStation if things do not go accordingly for Nintendo in regards to hardware.

Years ago I never believed we would see Nintendo games on phones yet here we are.

But consider a long time ago many gamers might have stated they would never believe Sonic would ever appear on a Nintendo platform...

nitus10445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

I downloaded "Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas" from PSN for a few dollars and it basically is a rip off Zelda Windwaker with a Dragon Quest Builders look. The game IMHO is quite nice to play and the puzzles are not that complex which would also suit some younger players with a little adult help. Overall you would get about 10 to 20 hours of gameplay which IMHO is better value for money than some AAA games that are on the market.

If you like Zelda then I would definitely recommend "Oceanhorn" for the PS4 although it is also multiplatform including XB1, MS Windows, IOS, Android, PS Vita, Macintosh OS's.

BTW. The game is only 510MB installed which is quite small and does not take long to download. It is 1080p and quite detailed, it also has reasonable voice acting. At least it is not so called retro pixilated which I despise.

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