Guardian: Peter Moore Interview Part 2

Peter Moore thought he could win the console war with Dreamcast. He was wrong. Sony's ingenious PR foiled his plans, but for Moore, this was just the beginning. Part Two of Guardian's interview, takes him from the collapse of Dreamcast to the heights of Microsoft's ambitions for Xbox - ambitions that could well have destroyed the Nintendo gamers know today.

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Jeromejones3596d ago

that the 2005 killzone 2 video really pissed him off lol.

ToastyMcNibbles3596d ago

definitely seems like it but what annoys me the most is how its sony sony sony always about sony and how they can beat sony...i hear more about sony and the ps3 from microsoft then i do from sony themselves lol thats their problem...they're only focus is on ps3 and sony instead of themselves

RealityCheck3596d ago

Agree with you both above and especially with ToastMan018, why can't they just be proud of their own product and tout its own merits instead of always trying to slander the competition? When executives like Moore and "Major Nelson" have this kind of attitude, no wonder the fans adopt the same language and attitude. This has contributed to a lot of flaming and it has fractured the industry.

ToastyMcNibbles3596d ago

agreed i definitely am grateful for what microsoft have done for the industry with pushing online gaming to what it is today...but i cant help but feel the same way...its that very attitude that has contributed a lot to all the flaming we see im not gonna just go and point fingers and say its all their fault and everything but when you have a game company always telling the media that we have better games than this one or better online or better sales or whatever eventually gamers will start to cling towards that and thats when all the back and forth stuff happens...but thats not say it hasnt helped...when i see people say that they wish this fanboy stuff would stop or tone down i say no...know why? because i seriously think that it helps the industry and is keeping it in a healthy state...if it wasnt for any of it i wouldnt be here subscribed to this website and commenting on articles...i think its fun and i think it should be a part of gaming...its just like if i was to argue about what basketball team or what basketball player i think is and i would argue about it but at the end of the day we both love the end of the day we all have a passion for games so the competitiveness that microsoft brought to the industry really has helped otherwise we wouldnt be playing amazing games like gears of war or metal gear solid...but anyway let me stop rambling on

juuken3595d ago

Toastman, I completely agree with you. It annoys the hell out of me when Microsoft talks so much about beating Sony and doing this and doing that. They don't know when to shut the hell up and let the product do the talking. If they're so confidence about the 360 having blockbuster games and how it will outsell the PS3, then let their stuff do the talking.

Sony was just as arrogant around last year but that is nothing compared to these assholes.

And 360 fanboys act the same damn way.

RealityCheck3595d ago

@ 1.3, I agree that people (customers and journalists) should keep debating the good and bad of each offering using a proper tone and intelligent talking points.

However corporations and their executives should set a professional tone and focus on their own products. They can say we have better this and that... but when they start dissecting the technical choices that a competitor makes or other internal decisions the competition makes, it's out of line and only incites trouble.

Same with politics, good intelligent debate is great. When they start twisting words, spreading lies, and smear tactics, it gets ugly very very fast and it spreads faster nowadays at the speed of the internet.

ToastyMcNibbles3595d ago

very true to both juuken and realitycheck..bubbles to you all

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Mwaan3596d ago

When I got my Dreamcast, all I ever heard from other gamers was "Just Wait until PS2. It's gonna blow Dreamcast away!" When the PS2 finally launched, everybody went on and on about the graphics, but Dreamcast had already been doing those graphics for a year. It's second wave of titles humiliated the PS2 launch lineup, but no one was talking about games like "Skies of Arcadia" and no one wanted a Dreamcast. To this day, nothing on PS2 ever looked any better than Shenmue in my opinion.

v1c1ous3596d ago

i bit the sony PR bullet and totally fanboy'd on anyone who defended the dreamcast.

it wasn't until the last 6 months of the DC's lifetime that i got one, and it has been of the biggest regrets of my gaming life. i couldn't believe what i had been missing.

Phantasy Star Online ate more hours from my life than anything before. SOnic was great. Skies of Arcadia hella fun. crazy taxi was a lifestyle almost.

not to say i didn't love my ps2, but i would often wonder what it would have been like if the DC would have survived.

tk3595d ago

I have not regretted my choice of buying the PS2 and the PS3. Will get the PS4 as well. Peter Moore's consoles have a lifespan that RRoD's.

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