Mad Catz Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit Out in the UK Today

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider announced today the release of the Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit in the UK, a revolutionary new accessory designed to allow owners of the Xbox 360 console to connect directly to any standard HDMI input on their TV's or displays and enjoy true High-Definition (HD) digital video and audio for gaming and movie playback.

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titntin3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Seems far too expensive to me.

All these machines should have had an HDMI from the start, but for those that didn't, most modern TV's can still take an exceptional 1080P image from component cables. Mine certianly does.

Hard to see where the market for this is?

The only advantage I can see with this device at the moment is that its full hdmi v1.3 compliant like the PS3 hdmi ports. All hdmi's on the 360 so far have been the slightly inferior v1.2 slots. But the bulk of consumers won't care or notice...

Yuprules3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I agree titntin, it's way overpriced for what it does. Converting an analog signal BACK to digital. The only reason you would want this is you are out of component inputs on your TV and you have free HDMI ports.

Maybe for those "cable neat freaks" it would be very useful as everything is run through ONE cable instead of the mess of component although many high end component cables are now GLUED together so it's "like one cable". At least the audio cable is in the hdmi but for 50 UKP, ouch!

Capt CHAOS3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

and flog off the bits I don't want and my existing xbox 360 (keeping the hard-drive ofcourse) AND it'll be a better solution (inbuilt HDMI).

Yuprules3745d ago

You are right Capt CHAOS, with the 360 arcade so cheap. It would be better to take your cash and invest it into an arcade that has HDMI out (especially if you have an older "red ring" version of the 360).

Capt CHAOS3745d ago

You got some phantom disagrees...

Yuprules3745d ago

Capt CHAOS. Yeah funny now people disagreed with ME and not you who wrote it first that it would be better to buy the arcade instead! LOL!

4cough3745d ago

Factoid for you..... 99% of multiplatform games look better on 360 through component than they do via HDMI on PS3.

Pain3745d ago

Factiod 99% of the crappy PS3 ports are Because they Crappy Xbox 2 made With Inferior Old gen PC Tech running DX9 based on DVD9 Pile o Crap Made in the U.S.A 68% RROD retard.

And Fake 1080p HDMi Conversion is just what it is FAKE 1080p upscaling.

REAL 1080p is in PS3 on BLU-RAy!! Now go back to math Class get of library PC.

plain rice3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

You're missing the second part that is HD gaming. HD sound. Something your component cables are incapable of doing. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Toolster3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Far to much money!!

Also I thought Component only went to 1080i

kevnb3745d ago

although many tvs won't accept 1080p from component cables.

LevDog3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

My Ps3 comes with HDMI Stock.. Just more add ons you have to buy.. Ps3 is like a bundled package compared to the add on whore that is 360... HD DVD drives, WIFI adapters, HDMI adapters, controller Charge kits.. all that extra add ons...

Just buy a Ps3 and its all included for cheaper

kevnb3745d ago

comments like that are the reason you have only two bubbles.

LevDog3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Im glad I only have 2 bubbles.. Make it one.. My life doesnt revolve around how many bubbles I have.. My GF isnt with me because of how many bubbles I have.. THEY ARE JUST COMMENT BUBBLES.. Even with one I can still Throw my opinion out there.. Which I usually do with only one.. So feel free take one

@. Below #1... Thanx everyone takes these bubble things way to seriously..

Below #2... If I annoy you, do what everyone else does when they cant handle other peoples opinions.. Block Me.. If you dont like hearing the truth or an argument and you want to limit yourself to only comments that you agree with.. Block me and everyone else opinion you dont like..

Well just like you, Im entitled to my opinion.. So regardless of what the story is I can state my opinion..

Ok Im a Geek.. And? You make no sense.. your prolly single and think that your gamer score is gonna get you laid.. Im also not trolling.. I see a story on the front page 360/wii/ps3 and if I want to comment I comment.. I could care less about bubbles or gamer or open zone..

Im not complaining about a console I dont know.. All im doing is making a statement on something I noticed.. I own a launch 60 gig.. and that 60 gig was still cheaper than the elite when it came out.. elite plus all the addons you had to buy to match what the ps3 had stock elite was more expensive.. Im not complaining at all.. just making observations

AllroundGamer3745d ago

now that was a good counterattack :)

kevnb3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

have fun posting just to annoy the rest of us then :), you are already a geek as soon as you type lol.
@ below #2 (this is ridiculous lol) I don't see how your opinion of the ps3 has anything to do with a useless accessory for the xbox 360.

edit: I'll just keep adding just like you are (work is boring). First off, I don't even have a gamerscore since the ps3 doesn't have that feature. Second, im not single but why does it matter? Are you on here just to try to "nerd troll"?

DevastationEve3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

You're trolling. And complaining about a console you don't own. And...mentioning your girlfriend amidst all of it? I agree that's it's an overpriced accessory. You know what else was overpriced? A $600 launch 60GB PS3, with no HDMI cable AT ALL! Especially now that they've moved on to being $200 less in less than 2 years (though having Hardware BC might have been worth it).

x360 Elite comes with all cables. Even some that only people in special circumstances would need (audio passthrough from old x360 connector). x360 Premium came with composite SD/component HD hybrid cables (up to 1080i on component HD). You could also purchase an HD-VGA cable, which would let you run on PC monitors (up 1080p).

kevnb3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

as long as your tv supports it.

DevastationEve3744d ago

Okay, right on! Didn't know that (I guess I never owned a TV that accepted 1080p over component HD cables).

My bad...just don't bring down the axe!

kevnb3744d ago

don't worry, no axe. At least you are on topic in regards to the article.

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