Jolt Review: Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game - Champions of the Force writes: "If you've played Legends of Norrath, the trading card game that was launched to run alongside the Everquest MMORPGs, then you'll be right at home with the more plainly named Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, which does the same thing but for Star Wars Galaxies (naturally). That's because SOE has basically taken the exact gameplay formula of LoN and transferred it wholesale with only some minor but notable differences. On the up side, this has allowed them to quickly build up a proven strategy game with minimal problems, but on the downside, it really does just feel like a re-skinning of a game we've already been playing for the past year.

The goal of the game is to build a themed deck of cards and take turns with an opponent to either complete four missions or reduce their avatar's health to zero. Each player has an avatar card with a special ability and set amount of health points, four mission cards that are shared with the other player and a mixture of unit, ability, tactic and item cards. Item cards give your avatar special bonuses; tactic cards allow you to introduce surprise effects in battle; ability cards give you a temporary buff and are also used to complete missions; and unit cards are used to defend both missions and your avatar.

As with Legends of Norrath there are four archetypes with which to build a deck strategy around, and with this first batch of cards, entitled Champions of the Force, there are also four races: Humans, Twi'lek, Zabrak and Sullustan. But whereas Legends of Norrath's archetypes were based on character classes and the game had an open-ended system for tracking your good and evil tendencies, the Star Wars Galaxies TCG is much more clear-cut and restricted. You can build a Jedi deck, a Sith deck, a Rebel deck or an Imperial deck, and aside from a currently small pool of neutral cards, your deck will be mostly of that type."

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