MoDojo Review: PapiPole

Chris Buffa writes: " When money is tight, we can always rely on Sunflat's Mr. Papi games. Its free iPhone apps are well made, easy to learn and addictive, and we always enjoy going for a high score in PapiJump and PapiRiver. Now we have PapiPole, a fine addition to the series that, despite a learning curve, will keep you entertained for hours.

Mr. Papi is a red smiley face that loves jumping, falling and with his latest game, sliding around. This time, he hops onto a lollipop stick and wants to collect as many falling hamburgers as possible while avoiding spiked balls plummeting from the sky. To do this, you'll slide one of your fingers along the bottom of the touch screen to keep his balance. Falling off the edge, hitting the ground or touching three balls ends the game. Meanwhile, nabbing burgers nets you 50 bonus points to your ever increasing score, so it's important to keep Mr. Papi vertical and away from harm."

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