10 Awesome AAA Games That Never Got a Sequel

Nowadays when a AAA game is successful you can bet your bottom dollar it'll get a sequel. Yet, for some reason, these awesome games sadly never did.

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kalkano638d ago

The game in your thumbnail (Catherine), is not AAA. It's mid-tier.

AnnaDea637d ago

lol, Catherine is awesome.

GameBoyColor637d ago

It is, but it's still niche and didn't have a huge budget. It's a AA game at most and it definitely didn't sell anywhere near what people expect AAA games to sell.

Xof637d ago

Catherine *is* awesome.
But that has nothing to do with whether or not it's a AAA game. And... honestly, we don't really know if it's AAA or not because the term refers to games with a budget of around $20 million USD or more, and I don't believe ATLUS shares that kind of information with the public.

Though I think it's a fair assumption that Catherine was not a AAA game.

_-EDMIX-_637d ago


@AnnaDea- I mean.. yes.....its still not what I'd consider AAA.

AnnaDea637d ago

You people are bitching about Catherine not being AAA on that list. Just please look at the games there.

"Grim Fandango was an attempt by LucasArts to rejuvenate the graphic adventure genre, in decline by 1998. According to Schafer, the game was developed on a $3 million budget."

Pokémon snap <-- that one must have cost a fortune to make.
Lost Odyssey <-- 15 million dollars.
Altered Beast <--- Most expensive game ever... made.
Skies of Arcadia <--- 5 million.

here's a list of other game's budgets...

Gears of War - $10 million
Gears of War 2 - $12 million
Red Steel 1 -$12.7 million
Bioshock - $15 million
Resident Evil 5 - Estimated $19.3 million (as of May 2008)
Uncharted 2 $20 million (production cost)
Crysis - $20 million
Crysis 3 - over $60 million
Halo 4 - $60 million

Gaming_Cousin637d ago

Was looking for The Legend of Dragoon... found it

UltraNova637d ago

Was looking for Black, not on the list...Killer 7 although not a AAA game definitly deserved a sequel.

SolidGear3637d ago

Bodycount was supposed to be a spiritual successor to Black but unfortunately it sucked.

joab777637d ago

Lost Odyssey and Skies of Arcadia lack of a follow-up are a travesty. Legend of Dragoon also. Alan Wake NEEDS a sequel and Ian probably getting one. Grim never was going to b/c it came towards the end of the genres dominance. Bully is a surprise but recent protests have caused an issue I am sure. That's and Rockstar have RDR now.

Good list!

_-EDMIX-_637d ago

Yes and yes and Lost Odyssey. To move near 1 million units and not get a sequel is pretty surprising.

Bully....sold....well ok. It sold 1.5 million on PS2, I can't find the 360 numbers or the PS3 port numbers though.

I really like the game, but I'm sure it didn't sell good enough to get as sequel considering for its time, it was pretty huge and looked like it cost them a lot of money. Maybe not enough to warrant a revisit.

I do think they will make a sequel though, like he's in collage or something lol or a new character. That is just an untapped IP. Persona....GTA style lol.

That game reminds me just how young gaming is as a medium. We don't even have much titles that even come close to anything like Bully, I mean....if anything, Persona 3 was the only game that gave me the "I'm at school FOR REAL" feeling lol

TheColbertinator637d ago

Catherine concluded properly in my opinion

Fist4achin637d ago

All pretty cool games. Would love a sequel, remake or reboot if kept in the same spirit.

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