How Much Has WoW Cost Blizzard Since 2004?

Kotaku: You run a game for around five years, you can't expect it to be cheap. You've got to run servers, pay customer service reps, pay for marketing, etc etc. World of Warcraft's been running for five years now, so how much has the upkeep cost Blizzard?

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Panthers3596d ago

$200 Mil...

They make that like every single month

Caxtus7503596d ago

Yeah exactly...

They practically give the game away now because the money is in the subscription.

Say what you like about Blizzard, but they have to be respected for the sheer money and scale of their success.

Cheeseknight283596d ago

10 million * $15 a month from those 10 mil = $150 million a month

Add in about $20 million from Paid Char. Transfers, Name Changes, UDE income, comics, action figures, other merchandise, and actual new copies of the game bought and they're raking in $170 million every month.

Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 better be kickass.

Brawler3596d ago

And the best part is there not greedy they still update there old games. and always try to make you happy.