Screen Play Preview: Killzone 2

Jason Hill writes: "The Halo series has not only been hugely popular because of the design skill of the team at Bungie, but also their pioneering work on fostering an active online community.

It seems Killzone 2 publisher Sony and developer Guerrilla Games are well aware of the enormity of the task of creating a shooter as enduringly popular as Halo 3.

Screen Play today features a presentation by Eric Boltjes, senior online game designer at Guerrilla, from the recent Games Convention in Germany.

In his introduction to the online multiplayer modes for Killzone 2, due early next year for PlayStation 3, Eric describes his team's design goals and details some of the most important new features such as the game's dynamic missions and class-based badge system.

When we started out we set ourselves four goals. The first one being that everyone can enjoy Killzone online. We wanted to let the player play just how he likes it.

In addition to that, we wanted to inspire team play and create community that goes beyond the game."

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kapedkrusader3622d ago

...this game will be the bomb-diggity.

MAR-TYR-DOM3622d ago

I think the original socom did that before halo!

UnwanteDreamz3622d ago

Who realy cares if this thing is a Halo or COD4 killer? If they can make these features gell then it will be the only FPS I play for a while. I want to get my hands on R2 just as bad but I was not impressed with the multiplayer from the first 1. I mainly want to play through R2 single player. Killzone sounds like the better online game (if they get it right)

Killjoy30003622d ago

Bungies design skills? Frankly, I think the Halo art direction is horrid.

wray773622d ago

say what you will there's a reason halo is the king baby

Killjoy30003622d ago

Yes I agree the balanced gunplay is aced, but I'm just saying we all know the art direction sucks.

YoshiMeetsU3622d ago

When Halo 2 came out there was nothing on consoles that looked that good. Halo 3 should of stepped up in the graphics more so I agree with that.

Killzone 2 looks to take FPS console graphics to a new stratosphere. I will be getting a PS3 for KZ2.

joevfx3622d ago

holy god what kool-aid did this guy drink. Halo is one of the worst designed games i have ever played. YOu liek play through the exact same level designs liek 80 times just going one way one tiem and another way another time, its sooooooo boring. Halo is the biggest hyped series of all time, hands down.

YoshiMeetsU3622d ago

Hype fades. If Halo was built on hype then why is it still played more than most games on either system? It is still #2 on Xbox Live. Believe me there is a lot more to Halo than the 3rd grade assesment you gave it. Everyone has their own opinions and that is fair if you don't like Halo but to act like the game doesn't deserve it I don't agree with.

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