Graduating from evil

Screen Play: "I'll gladly admit it, I used to buy games from EB when I was younger and less knowledgeable, but now that I know a bit more about the pricing from other establishments (and quite frankly since JB started selling games at better prices) I no longer buy games from EB.

Well, technically, that's actually not true. I'm still willing to buy games from EB with their seven day money back guarantee....

But I want to know what you should be called when you appear to be going beyond the evil stage into a whole new level, as I have just witnessed in an EB Games stores recently. This is the crux of the deal currently being offered in EB right now:

"Trade in your 60GB PS3 and 4 games, and pay $199 and we'll give you an 80GB PS3" OR "Trade in your 40GB PS3 and 4 games, and pay $249 and we'll give you an 80GB PS3".

What this boils down to is either trade in your backwards compatible 60GB version, plus four games (oh, and hand us some extra money) and we'll give basically give you the same system which has a whopping extra 20GB of storage space. Or you trade in your non backwards compatible 40GB version with extra cash leaving your pocket for the same thing."

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