Eurogamer: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Review

Eurogamer writes: "Mao, the 1578-year-old schoolboy star of Disgaea is super cross. His father, the Overlord of the Netherworld, accidentally stepped on his SlayStation Portable console and, in doing so, destroyed 4 million hours worth of save data for Mao's favourite videogame.

It is, without doubt, the worst thing that's ever happened to the heir to the Netherworld throne, who decides that the best way to teach his clumsy father a lesson is by killing him."

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clintos593595d ago

So I guess Disgaea 3 is in the same class as MGS4 to eurogamer, lol. I dont tak eurogamer serious now days but guess there trying to make up for doing such a lousy review on MGS4.

Anyways im buying this game regaurdless when it comes to the US since I love me some SRPG's.

Wildarmsjecht3595d ago

It's out already I believe.

Nuclearwinter3595d ago

It has been out since the end of August. Great game.

sajj3163595d ago

judging by Eurogamer ratings ... that's a pretty good score!

UltimateIdiot9113595d ago

This game is awesome but I know people who aren't fans of grinding. The humor is great, and very addicting.