Videogamer: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Videogamer writes: "It's quite sad that the last action game that made us feel like a Force-wielding super being was Midway's Psi-ops - and that's getting on a bit these days. With a huge amount of technical wizardry and a healthy "for the good of the game" delay we had high hopes for LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Would this finally be the action game Star Wars fans have been waiting for or yet another game to feel the dark side of our reviewing stick?

The Force Unleashed takes place between Episodes III and IV and is cannon to the series. This isn't a hastily put together cash-in, but a fully thought out story that ties in to what you already know about the Star Wars saga. Vader finds a young boy on the Wookie home world of Kashyyyk who shows incredible promise with the Force. After killing his father Vader takes the young boy under his wing and grooms him as his apprentice. When he's old enough the apprentice is given a mission of his own - to round up a Rebel army with the pretence of taking on the Empire. It's fairly typical Star Wars stuff if we're being honest, but it's told well, acted commendably, features the odd twist, and doesn't reveal all its cards until the end. But a video game is only ever as good as the underlying gameplay."

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