Nier: Automata Demo PS4 Pro VS PS4 Screenshot Comparison Reveals Massive Aliasing Difference

NieR: Automata's demo is finally running on PS4 consoles, giving everyone a taste of PlatinumGames' signature action in a JRPG flavor. Not only it looks lovely and plays even better, it also comes with at least part of its promised PS4 Pro support.

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Neonridr726d ago

Wow, definitely noticeable for stuff in the distance.

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nitus10726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Yes, you can notice aliasing it if you are looking, however the demo is fairly fast paced so unless you really want to nit pick it is not very noticeable. Also keep in mind this is a demo.


The girl looks similar to the one in the original Nier but she is not the same. So far from what I can gather the girl and the guy are androids and there are no humans.

BenRC01726d ago

Looked like ass on my pro. Dread to think what its like on the standard. Crappy textures and low poly objects.

Rob_Ko726d ago

are you talking pro on 4k tv or 1080p?

Rimeskeem726d ago

I think he's talking about the 0p Xbox one version.

BenRC01724d ago

4k. Just dreay and dull.

Christopher726d ago

I've mentioned that this game looks to have great gameplay set in the most boring of worlds as far as graphics go.

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BizarroUltraman726d ago

I agree, gameplay seems cool, everything else no as much. Guess we'll wait and see what the main game is like.

nitus10726d ago

So you expect factories to have stained glass windows and hotel furniture or maybe you expect lush forests? 😉

Christopher725d ago

@nitus10: I don't expect anything, but that doesn't mean if you have a boring setting that it suddenly excuses them for what I find to be a boring looking game as far as visuals go. At least it seems to have good gameplay, I haven't played it personally yet, but it's not like any game can't be criticized for lacking in one area or another. I'm more happy that it looks to be a good game to play with lackluster visuals than the other way around. We get plenty of pretty games that suck nowadays.

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Bolts726d ago

Yup. The brown industrial world is rather dull as are the toy like enemies.

Kurdishcurse726d ago

there are more than enough gameplay videos that show the game wont just be in an industrial world.

ABizzel1726d ago

It's not a powerhouse when it comes to graphics, but it's still a good looking game.

Neir is a very weird game, but in a good way. At moments it reminds me of old school Metoridvania titles when it goes 2D/3D, the it goes Viewtiful Joe in 3D/2D, then it's a solid hack and slash in the vein of Bayonetta/Vanquish in combat and boss fights.

But there's good an bad to it. The good is obviously it has the features and style of those games, but it didn't quite feel as great as those games in their own genre. Nier will likely be a good game and have a cult following with a unique mix of 2D / 3D action-beat'em'up style gameplay. The real emphasis or overall critical reception of this game will be based on it's story and it's RPG system.

Now that I think about it a perfect hack and slash developer would be Team Ninja and Platinum games linking up. Team Ninja are in the upper tier of gaming when it comes to writing stories and do great things with graphics, and Platinum are masters of gameplay.

That would be a hack n slash dream team.

nitus10726d ago

Looks really nice in 1080p and I have a standard PS4.

Yes, there is aliasing issues (IMHO not glaringly noticeable) and they are normally seen in the distance. You also have to remember this is demo.

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masterfox726d ago

People go and download the demo first and play it and then come back and post if you want, be your own judge believe me it you won't be disappointed, I'm playing it on my normal PS4 and is freaking awesome, day one buy from me! :D

Neonridr726d ago

I love Platinum so I think I have to go check out the Demo. Even though this game wasn't even on my radar.

ABizzel1726d ago

I think we need to see more of the game. The gameplay as always is solid as always with Platinum, but I want to see more it.

Muzikguy726d ago

I feel like it's "day one buy" for most JRPGs. Not that I get them, but you know 😄

Razzer726d ago

I paused my game to come and say the exact same thing. The gameplay here is incredible. You are playing 3D hack in slash shooter and then you go to a 2D side-scrolling hack N slash and then your running around top down isometric twin stick shooter. It is incredible.

BizarroUltraman726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

It wasnt that awesome...of course my opinion doesnt matter. But you did say go play and comeback and post, which I did.

Razzer726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

You didn't play the same demo I did.

nitus10726d ago

It won't be a day one buy for me since I have too many games already but eventually, this is a definite buy for me.

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alex101594726d ago

Gameplay is very similar to Bayonetta, which is a good thing. Platinum knows how to make action games.

nyctophilia13726d ago

Pro verison looks like bullshots compared to PS4. Really psyched for this title.

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