God Of War 4 : Cory Barlog Finishes First Full Play Through With The Leads

While responding to fans Cory Barlog revealed that he was excited as he had just finished the first full play through with the Leads. You Can See the Tweet attached below.

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UCForce726d ago

Yes ! Now's that's good. One step at the time.

generic-user-name726d ago

I smell a 2017 release. Colin and Greg (and many others) were quick to dismiss it as a 2018 game just because the reveal trailer didn't have a date attached, without taking into account that Sony are just being more careful about dates from now on.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen726d ago

Yep. I'm still looking at October 2017 unless Playstation gamers are lucky enough to get an August 2017 announcement at E3 2017.


HallowedSoul1726d ago

@igivehugs you just know it would get delayed to feb 2018 lol sony loves delaying to feb. not hating just find it funny that so many big exclusives get delayed to feb from october of the previous year.

DigitalRaptor725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

Colin and Greg's predictions are laughable.

I started to go off their brand of critique as soon as Colin started misinforming people about the PS4 Pro and not stepping up and admitting his mistake when called out with facts. His stupid pronouncements continue when he recently said "I don't see how TLG wouldn't work on the PS3". He's been a professional journalist for so long and now people are paying his independent ass thousands of dollars a month to neglect the facts. That is what annoys me more, is that I know Colin is a discerning, really clever guy, but he just doesn't care about the facts in the job that he's in. And what is their particular reasoning in their continued cheap shots at Gravity Rush 2? I'm just not a fan anymore. Greg is just basically just a yes man to Colin at this point.

Easy Allies deserve my attention more because they are REAL and don't misinform their audience, disappear up their asses or make things up to stroke their own inflated egos.

Genuine-User726d ago

Interesting. It might be closer to release than we think I guess.

20live726d ago

Yup those were my initial thoughts as well, I guess when the trailer does reach the 15 million mark, they might just announced the release date or some other major development

zivtheawesome726d ago

Nah he said in one of his tweets that it wont be something crazy.

20live726d ago

Yeah read that still think though it will be something significant

Genuine-User726d ago

We'll have to wait and see.

Christopher726d ago

Just remember, it will go through at least one level of consumer private testing and based on feedback could be pushed back a lot. An internal completion is likely the pre alpha run without any consumer playtesting. I'm fairly certain one of the most used phrases was 'we are still working on that.'

Genuine-User726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Yeah Cory confirmed there was still some stuff to shoot as well. I think they are at a stage where the core game is probably locked but requires a lot of polish and tuning. They are most likely still using a lot of placeholder assets etc.

20live726d ago

I agree with what you are saying , and it is more than likely a pre-alpha run

morganfell726d ago

Doubt its a pre-alpha. Betas, real betas (not the one's companies call a beta but are in reality an advertisement) are the point where everything is in the game and functioning to some degree. Those allow a degree of play. I have never seen a pre-alpha, a real one, in which you could conduct a full playthrough.

OB1Biker726d ago

Well many of us thought it was not too far away too. :)
In any way people spin it i.e. in alpha blah blah. This is very good news.

JMaine518726d ago

Wow much further along than I thought. Still think it's an early 2018 game.

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BizarroUltraman726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

PS4 Pro/GoW4 bundle vs Xbox Scorpio...
Coming soon: Holiday 2017

True but you can play RDR2 on Xbox Scorpio aswell. And the game will sell well on Xbox..if last gen and current GTA V and even Rdr bc sales is anything to go by.

I just like my dream scenario better....

JMaine518726d ago

Don't forget PS4 Pro Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle

MasterCornholio726d ago


That's going to be sweet and a big system seller.

spartan112g726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Both of those games are 2018 bound I bet. RDR2 with a higher chance of 2017. Microsoft should try to clutch the bundle for that though if they are smart.

UCForce726d ago (Edited 725d ago )

Well, let's just say his comment was very questionable.

Edit : @Frinker Well, let's just say it can be hypocritical.

Frinker726d ago

@ucforce In what way is it questionable? lol...

zivtheawesome726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

what does "through the Leads" mean? english isn't my native language and can't find the meaning on the internet.
thanks everyone for answering.

20live726d ago

playthrough its a typo, means he and the leads have gone through the game from start to finish.

yomfweeee726d ago

they finished the "play through" with the leads

Razzer726d ago

leads as in leaders of game development

zivtheawesome726d ago

yep that's what i was looking for, thanks!

726d ago
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