Self-taught man makes DS game in five years ... solo!

This is a really inspiring story for would-be programmers out there. Bob's Game is a Nintendo DS title made by one man -- on his own -- over the course of five years, with all programming knowledge learned along the way.

Robert Pelloni started work on the game when he was 20 years old, and the original version was intended for the Game Boy Advance. Upon the DS' arrival, however, he switched gears to make the game work with the touch screen interface.

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BrotherNick3685d ago

This is amazing...too bad he's not going to unleash it to the masses :P 15000 hours is a lot of work for free.

ItsDubC3685d ago

Very impressive indeed.

TheColbertinator3685d ago

Looks like we got us another Jonathan Mak on our hands

socomnick3684d ago

This is far more impressive than the arranged dots that Mak did.

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agmsd3685d ago

That's Impressive. Makes me feel a shame for wasting my time :(

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The story is too old to be commented.