MS confirms GTA 4 DLC out in time for Xmas

Microsoft has today confirmed that the first of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable episodes is to be released exclusively for Xbox 360 this autumn.

The platform holder notes that the Xbox 360 will be the "only console with new Grand Theft Auto IV content available this Christmas".

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nice_cuppa3620d ago

need info asap !

i hope its a new timeline for the world !

60's would be cool !

or just loads of fun things added to the world !

or some new island !

need info asap !

InfiniteUnfloppery3620d ago

It's going to be another Microsoft Flop

jif863619d ago

Actually play this anymore?

$50,000,000 > drain = Microflop fail


Fishy Fingers3620d ago

So do they actually have R* approval this time?

(sorry to ask but cant access videogamer at work)

HighDefinition3620d ago

R* says 2009, MSFT says 2008.

I`ll believe R*

Fishy Fingers3620d ago

Yeah I know whats been said in the past, thats why I asked if R* had agreed to this. Does the article not mention that?

SullyDrake3620d ago

They know Gears 2, Fable II, and Banjo Kazooie aren't enough to fend off Sony's amazing 1st-party titles and the many multi-platform games that are leading on PS3 (thus will perform better).

Sony had their time with GTA IV and they're moving onto better things while Microsoft is stuck behind it, milking it past a swollen breast.

It had better be damn epic DLC by this pathetic point.

thor3620d ago

"First of the..."? I thought there was only 1 big expansion. Looks like it'll be a short episode featuring the start of another story.

beavis4play3620d ago

this is MS saying it'll be out by christmas.(the same MS who said it would be out by autumn a month ago)and i guess RS hasn't heard the news cause they ain't saying anything.
other than that; nothing new here is said except that the dlc is "highly anticipated". with all the great NEW games coming out....who is highly anticipating this?

Lifendz3620d ago

50 mil for DLC that'll come out long after any one really cares save the GTA4 loyalist.

GODofDOOMS3620d ago

does anyone know what the DLC will be? i still havnt heared anything

Exorgasm3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Rockstar said 2009 in terms of their fiscal year so late November would be on track as the financial year starts next month.

As far as PS3 quickly becoming the lead platform I'd imagine the main reason would be that the PS3 is harder to develop for. The PS3 is a lot less straight forward than the 360 with having to run half of the graphic processing through the cell. There isn't as much of a struggle with the 360 so It doesn't need the extra attention the PS3 does even when developers are familiar with the machine.

The PS3 being lead doesn't necessarily mean the games will be better either. No matter what multi plats will almost always have better textures and a cleaner non film grain filtered appearance on the 360. Ps3 games will always be able to have more action and better effects due to having the cell on its side. They both have weaknesses but The PS3 is the weaker one graphically. I didn't spend way too much money on an hdtv to have my videogames looking smeared and grainy with dull textures.

Does it make you guys feel better about yourselves to come into 360 articles only to bash it and scream from the rooftops about how PS3 is better? Is it rewarding to go into 360 articles and talk about how little you care about this or how that is going to flop? Doesn't going out of your way to come in and read the article then comment on it make you saying you don't care seem a bit foolish?

I used to own only the PS3 and a wii but decided to buy a 360 off of a friend because he wanted to buy a Wii for himself. Once I started playing games on the 360 I couldn't believe how great the machine was compared to my PS3. I had spent over a year playing weaker versions of every multi-platform game out there and was just waiting for exclusives that took way too long to come out. After I got a 360 I immediately felt sorry for you guys because you're missing out on a lot. You're all waiting on the bench to finally get in the game and it's made you bitter. That's why you waste so much time talking trash.

chasuk083619d ago

Unless you've developed a game for the PS3 and 360 I dont think your in the position to start stating which one is better graphically than the other, and which has a more complex cell.

As it sounds to me your just writing things you've heard off your mates, or what you've read off a crappy website.

Exorgasm3619d ago

I don't need to be a developer to see with my own eyes how each console performs graphically. It also doesn't take any insider knowledge to understand basic math and realize that three cores is less than seven.

Think your argument through before you try making points next time maybe.

chasuk083619d ago

The amount of cores doesnt mean anything, there are other factors involved in getting the best graphics out of a game than just the number of cores. Maybe your thinking you know everything about the PS3 and 360s cell, but you probably know nothing.

Exorgasm3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

For starters the 360 doesn't have a cell. Secondly I only brought the PS3s cell into it because it has to make up for the weaker GPU the PS3 has.
What factors beyond CPU and GPU processing hardware-wise are you talking about that have such a major role in how well a game looks and performs? It seems like you're just sitting there saying "you dont know what you're talking about." without actually knowing what you yourself are talking about.

I realize It's ultimately up to the developers to make the best use of the hardware and make the game look and play as good as possible but they're operating within hardware limitations.

snakeater33619d ago

ps3 graphically weaker? lol ...anything you say buddy ...anything which makes you feel better ...just dont tempt me and my friends churn out a whole bunch of games which the 360 would be in a state of exorgasm just to run

Exorgasm3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

The PS3 is weaker when it comes to graphics yes because it can't do textures at all. Even major exclusives have horrible textures. Every PS3 game looks like it has very fine cheesecloth over the in-game camera.

The games are beautiful though and the PS3 can do things that my 360 can't even imagine doing because it has more power and a much larger limit on game size. The draw distance is phenomenal for a console and The artistic style in PS3 exclusives is always fantastic but as I've said before what's the point of hd gaming when the picture is blurred and the textures are runny instead of crisp?

It isn't as if I don't play my PS3 for exclusives because I do and I love it but when it comes to multi-platform games it is the weaker of the two.


I never said the cell had anything to do with the PS3 not being able to do textures. Textures sucking has to do with the filtering/smoothing alternative to AA most likely. I've played every PS3 exclusive but Lair so far and have yet to see proper textures and would love to finally see them on my ps3.

chasuk083619d ago

Im sorry but i know the 360 doesnt have a cell, i just thought you would have some common sense to realise what i meant. Obviously not. And im still baffled how you think blurry textures are a cause of a cell. Maybe its the fact that the game was optimised for 360. Wait until you see a game that was made for the PS3. EG. Mirrors edge. We'll see who has the blurry textures then.

SullyDrake3619d ago

Uncharted is proof. Developers can layer textures with the cell and the PS3's processors, and they can thread and stream graphics from the cell, as well as installs. They just have to not be lazy.

More examples? R&CF: ToD, MGS4, LBP, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, Resistance 2... I better have no disagrees here because the proof is only a few Gametrailers searches away.

DG3619d ago

Exorgasm I commend you for fighting off the fanboys this long. Ignore them and enjoy your 360/Wii & PS3. I dont care about all the crap you guys have been saying. My only gripe with the PS3 is the price and the fact that they dont include an HD cable and want 100 for the official one when you can get an aftermarket one for 5 off of ebay. But then again MS charges 150 for a 20GB hard drive so go figure.

Mclovin963619d ago

Nice to see someone with a little common sense around here. I own both a PS3 and a 360 and, just like yourself, can say from a lot of personal experience that the 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3. Multi-platform games are always better, exclusives are awesome, and the lower price point is a definate bonus. Not to say that the PS3 is a completely horrible system, but there are so many things that sony has done wrong in the past 3 - 4 years, it really makes you wonder what they were thinking. If I was Microsoft, I would be laughing at $ony.

LastDance3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

"The PS3 is weaker when it comes to graphics yes because it can't do textures at all. Even major exclusives have horrible textures"

uncharted: drakes fortune

try harder

Edit: atleast fanboys are honest about being fanboys. Your in denial.

Exorgasm3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

You guys are in denial. Uncharted didn't have great textures at all but the lighting, overall appearance of the game and the scale more than made up for it. MGS4 had horrible textures but I can't say it had any negative effect on the game and it's still the best game so far this gen IMO. As far as textures go look at the diamond plating on the floors at Shadow Moses or just about any object or surface in any of the areas in mgs4 and they're blurry.

You're mentioning really great games but they were grainy and had bad textures. Resistance 2 is looking about as crisp as I've seen a PS3 game though so hopefully it will change things.

I'm done replying to console fanatics who can't handle the truth.

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sajj3163620d ago

I think this is a lie if confirmed. Buy the Xbox 360 now and get ready for GTA IV DLC this Christmas ... right. And if you buy a 360 for GTA IV DLC and it doesn't come out this Christmas ... guess what ... you still own a 360.

Where's the source????

GameOn3620d ago

I cant see anyone buying a 360 for this DLC. People would buy a 360 for GTA4 itself, not the DLC.

sajj3163620d ago

I do agree with you. MS missed that window of 'sales opportunity' for GTA IV. Whatever the GTA IV DLC is ... it better be worth the price of admission!

himdeel3619d ago

...that there were people who bought the 360 for GTA4 and DLC. Half my good buddies(6) bought the 360 for DLC and the other half (about 7) got the PS3 version. All my pals have since traded in GTA4, I'm the only one with a copy left and mine is for PS3 :( So many games coming out and only one copy of GTA4 to trade in.

Hagaf223620d ago

game was very overhyped, it wasnt the worst game ever but i was completely let down with the amount of hype, i dont think the dlc will be a massive success, i think alot of people lost interest in this game months ago, but who knows maybe this will respark interest in the game which would be good for ms and r*, guess well have to wait and see.

Cherchez La Ghost3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

What the hell are you talking about?! Get off of the fanboy wagon. IMO, R* can take their time with the DLC, I have Fable 2, SOCOM 4, Gears 2 & Fallout will tie me down until next year until Killzone 2 comes out.