Quick update on Kingdom Hearts 3 development from game director Tetsuya Nomura

While we (im)patiently wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to make its long awaited released, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix and 2.5 ReMix were heading to the PlayStation 4 in March 2017. The developers probably hoped this news would pacify impatient fans, and while it did, it also brought a fear that Kingdom Hearts 3 would see a delay because of the remasters.

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PhoenixUp694d ago

We'll likely get this game in 2018

blitz0623693d ago

Nomura is a busy man. I just hope they don't pull a vXIII on him again and take him out of a project before its completion. FFXV was great, but you can feel the urgency in development in its 2nd half. Hope that doesn't happen with KH3 and FF7R.

OmnislashVer36692d ago

Nomura won't get moved off of KH3, he's spearheaded that franchise. However Suzuki is co-directing FFVIIR now, and I have a feeling Tabata will get moved to it as well after FFXV is complete.

They should really hire Sakaguchi back on for FFVIIR though.

badz149693d ago (Edited 693d ago )

At this rate, it might be a next gen game even. LOL

ClayRules2012694d ago

How long has this game been I. Development for? I'm genuinely curious? I never played the other games, but I want to give this one a try. Looks great.

BlackIceJoe694d ago

It sadly has been at least a decade since KH2. You have to remember the last one came out on the PS2, then skipped the whole PS3 and now we'll finally get it on the PS4, plus Xbox One.

ClayRules2012694d ago

I appreciate your answer, even though I've gotten two different ones, bud =) How excited are you for KH3?

OmnislashVer36694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

Two different answers, well here's the official answer. Tetsuya Nomura has been 'working' on the game since 2010, but nobody knows if that was anything but the story. He likely had the game planned for PS4 from the start. The first trailer with a working engine wasn't released until after PS4 was released in 2013. This was when most actual game development was likely started. That engine was scrapped because it was difficult to work with. Work with the new engine(UE4) started in 2014 or so, so that's probably the answer you're looking for. Development will likely go far more smoothly with better graphics on this engine, so you can expect a late 2017 release at the earliest or late 2018 release at the latest. Nomura has said he's going to update us with release information soon so that's another good sign.

In the meantime if you own a PS4 I'd recommend trying "Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix"(the first and second games, along with the PSP game which is highly recommended), and "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" which is a sequel to the PSP game and prequel to Kingdom Hearts 3. All of the games are now available on PS4 and play out in that order:

KH 1.5 + 2.5 Remix
KH 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

The first two discs are coming early next year on PS4.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi694d ago

It was announced in June 2013. So quite a few years. I expect it to be out next year. Dunno why everyone is saying 2018 just because 2.8 is also coming out next year.

ClayRules2012694d ago

Okay. I see you and PhoenixUp both say different dates, which is fine. Thanks for telling me bud =) How excited are you for KH3?

PhoenixUp694d ago

@ Clay

It's been in development since 2010.

@ Black

No that's just flat out wrong. Birth By Sleep started development after KH2 was released. Nomura didn't start official work on KH3 until 2010.

Harkins1721694d ago

KH3 didnt start development til 2013 not 2010.

PhoenixUp694d ago

@ Harkins

KH3 was unveiled in 2013. It started development in 2010, which director Tetsuya Nomura himself acknowledged.

ninsigma694d ago

Play the rest of the series first. It's a very convoluted story so I'd suggesting having the other games under your belt first xD not to mention it's a great series so it's worth playing through it all. Every game is being made available on ps4 so you won't have to look for all the different systems.

ClayRules2012694d ago

Cool. I'll take your advice! How excited are you for KH3?

ninsigma693d ago

Right now not very because it's so far away. I've been waiting for this game since ps2 so I'm good with staying chill until it's closer to release lol
Right now, I'm more excited for 2.8 that's releasing in January. It's the last of the remasters and has some knew bits that lead into 3. Trailers look awesome so I can't wait wait for that!

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Elda694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

2018. If it comes out any earlier possibly Dec 2017.

InKnight7s693d ago

Its been 11 years since we try new installment, man these developers needs to stop put a lot of spins of( 358 whatever days, chains of memories, birth by sleep, recoded, 3D, 3 final mix versions, 1 remake, and more than half a dozen of remasters + 0.XX thing ) and these are just for series that have 2 main installments.

PhoenixUp693d ago

The devs who made KH1 & KH2 were working on FFXV(used to be FFvXIII) in the meanwhile since 2006 and stated they wouldn't start work on KH3 until after their then current major project was finished.

If we didn't get those handheld entrees and the ReMixes then the entire series would've gone dormant for 11 years and we would've had to wait even longer for KH3 to be released.

alstruck693d ago

I thought they only made the core assets and the engine for XV. Then tabata's team stepped in, scrap most of its concept to make way for open world hunting action game. In my mind they always makes KH games: 358/2, bbs, DDD, 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, six games in 7-8 years. Probably they got very small part in 15, vsXIII is and always was an empty promise.. I never trust what SE say anymore..

Ps: FF XV is great!!

PhoenixUp693d ago

The point is that the dev team responsible for the prior two mainline Kingdom Hearts games were preoccupied for the longest time on another major title to even consider putting work into KH3.

People should be grateful that we got other teams to keep the KH franchise alive with the other handheld games, especially since the team responsible for Re: CoM, BBS, DDD, KH1.5, KH2.5 & KH2.8 are using their experience to give us KH3 at a sooner time than the devs behind KH1 & KH2 would've.