Wii ISO Loader

A video of Wii ISO Loader was recently released by the developer, showing off how the current build can now load The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from the Wii Homebrew Channel. It seems that users will soon be able to play backup copies of their Wii games without having to resort to modding their console.

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Kakkoii3595d ago

Great news, I've been waiting for this ever since I broke my Wii and turned it in for a new one. Since the new one had a new type of chipset, my old Mod-chip didn't work anymore :(.

philatopus3595d ago

who the heck would hack it just to have a backup copy. I am guessing people will definitely use it for pirating.

condorstrike3594d ago

this is ridiculous, there's more hacking involved in this method, which doesn't fully work as it seems like an experiment gone awry....
don't get me wrong is a step forward for the homebrew community, but it needed more work before being launched.