Ken Levine Not Really Working on BioShock 2

Ken Levine broke some news regarding his involvement in BioShock 2. Apparently he's barley even involved. Which isn't very good news for fans hoping that the sequel would surpass the first game. Now the chances of that look slim.

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InMyOpinion3620d ago

He's busy snorting up the money he made from the first one.

Heldrasil3619d ago

isn't that the only way to spend the millions you've made? I would hate to think he was buying sports cars and Malibu mansions. The more blow he puts up his nose the more creative the f*cker probably gets. Drugs can be a wonderful catalyst for the creative mind.

jtucker783619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

He's barley even involved?

Not long to wheat for Bioshock on the PS3.
I wonder if the next title in the cereal will release on 360 and PS3 simultaneously.