2017 Exclusives Comparison: PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch

Want to know what console to invest in next year? Comparing platform exclusives is the best place to start.

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UltraNova488d ago

Wow seeing this list...ps4 has more exclusives than both the xbox and switch combined and then some!

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DigimonMaster488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Nice work overload. Man that ps4 list is just bonkers. Wow!

Overload488d ago

The discrepancy is huge.

This doesn't even include digital only (indie) exclusives (those lists are in the links posted) and that list is just as lopsided.

Septic488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Microsoft definitely need to step up their game there.

Mind you, there's a lot of stuff on that Sony list that I'm sure most even touch on here let alone have even heard of. But still, it has some excellent heavy weight titles in the works too.

Sony dominates that comparison easily in terms of sheer numbers

thatguyhayat488d ago


Damn i didnt even know about half this list. Sony owns this gen

Weapon_of_choice488d ago

LoL! @ Overlord. PS4 continued cracked me up😆

blitz0623488d ago

Not trying to bring down the list, but I don't expect God of War, Spider-man and a few other games for 2017. With all the delays going on right now, they'll be more careful announcing release dates.

Regardless, that brings them over to 2018 with a few unannounced games (Sucker Punch anyone?). Crazy list of exclusives from Sony

Septic488d ago

Quality over quantity but I think Sony has it on the latter front too. Mind you, most of those games on that list are so obscure. Japanese up skirt edition volume 7 yay!

jznrpg488d ago

Overload missed some games too I am Sure lol, plus their are many unannounced games by Sony's Studios. I need to win the lotto to buy all the games I want

City1979488d ago

unless they get delayed as usual!

yeahokwhatever488d ago

wouldn't every PS4 VR game released next year also technically be a console exclusive for Sony? I know a lot of the VR titles are available on PC, but clearly not XB1 or Switch.

Ceaser9857361488d ago

wasn't Phantom Dust cancelled?? @overload

Overload488d ago

About Phantom Dust, Apparently they are making an remaster or HD version of it still, but I haven't heard anything about it in a while. It's most likely not a retail release though, so it technically shouldn't be there.

Eonjay488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Now I think we see why PS4 is mandatory. As a gamer with any sort of diverse taste you simply get way more options. More genres... more AAA... more everything.

Kingthrash360487d ago

I've been saying this for a while now.
MS has been far too reliant on BC.
Needs more xbo games period.
The scorpio can be as powerful as it wants to be.....iF it dosent have much in the games department then power is pointless.
They really dropped the ball on the xbo....I dont see that changing.
It's ps2 all over again....massive overload of games...and much more still to come.
Septic.....I see like 4 games on the xbox list that not many are gunna pick up either...your point is???
Because the fact of the matter is MS has no games for its xbo and it's a dam shame. Xbo is a great Console with minimal support.

Septic487d ago


"Septic.....I see like 4 games on the xbox list that not many are gunna pick up either...your point is??? "

It's not rocket science. There are loads of remedy obscure titles there that's all.

"Because the fact of the matter is MS has no games for its xbo and it's a dam shame. "

There are no games for the xbox? You make less and less sense with every post.

Phill-Spencer487d ago (Edited 487d ago )


You have been hurting feelings with that list, bro. That's why you got marked as spam for posting a list in direct relation to the article. Some just can handle the truth. People are desperate nowadays.

OmnislashVer36487d ago

To be fair, many of those PS4 games are not confirmed for 2017. God of War, Final Fantasy VII Remake, etc... And while PS4 is getting KH1+2 Remix Xbox has backwards compatibility, so that's kind of an unfair comparison.

All I own is a PS4-Pro by the way. PS4 still has way more games so that's why I chose it, but the list is a bit unfair.

mikeslemonade487d ago

Who you trying to kid.. The Xbox One has no exclusives.

DarXyde487d ago

To be fair, Valkyria: Azure Revolution is listed as an exclusive, when it shouldn't be. And there are far too many games with no known release dates. I know, it said heavily rumored, but that furthers my point that we should only be listing games we were certainly told would be releasing next year.

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trooper_487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Really nice list Overload for PS4. I didn't even know half of these games existed.

That's insane.

mikeslemonade487d ago

Zelda is better than any one game but it's no better than any two games combined.

Septic487d ago

"Really nice list Overload for PS4. I didn't even know half of these games existed."

I rest my case 😊

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jznrpg488d ago

It isn't something they could do overnight, they would need to build many studios and half of them may fail which is why they dont even try. I dont thonk they even want to make games at all but want to charge you to use their service, they would be perfectly happy letting others make the games and they just collect subs, it seems to be their plan besides their few franchises just enough for some to hold onto their brand

silvacrest487d ago

They could just buy studios, that's still not an overnight thing to do but it's possible

Mainman488d ago

I wouldn't put Death Stranding in there though, I doubt that game will release in 2017.

Dragonscale488d ago

Sadly probably true. This is Kojima after all.

Huguinho488d ago

Jesus christ... and what about unnanounced games? how´s this a "full" list? and what garanties you have that these games are coming in 2017? besides, maybe you can get that update of mario kart 8 on wii u too, zelda botw is coming wii u too, rime ps4 exclusive? what the hell, some ps4 games are remakes of ps3 and you can play them there, some on vita too, and friggin Death Stranding in 2017??!! wtf? i hope that ppl don´t really believe this shit and use it as another excuse fo that stupid console war o something for the n4g community to masterbate.

XanderZane488d ago (Edited 487d ago )

True.. they definitely need more games and more studios. This is why I own both systems. The fact they don't really have a lot of JRPG's or other Japa developed games is one of my main reasons for having a PS4. PS4 will get a lot of these games and XBox One will get a lot of Win10 PC games. Best of both worlds. Works for me.

And Razrye2 you've been reported and blocked.

notachance488d ago

Their PR certainly are, not sure about the game development division though

Tsar4ever01488d ago

I was looking at the listings from my smartphone , and I started cracking up at how Sony's games list keep scrolling on and on and on and way after the other two systems had stopped.

trainsgofast487d ago

Nice list but too bad most of the games in that list are carp games that may not sale 10k on a good day A or AA games at best. yes PS4 has more carp exclusives and lack AAA games like 0HD

silvacrest487d ago

Give me crap then, diverse crap that i can test and move on from, give me countless options rather then just same old franchises

MRMagoo123487d ago

sell not sale, sell. You sell games you put games on sale it's not that hard.. ...well I didn't think it was but wow I see that a lot. Also what's a carp game ? a game about fish like James pond robocod?

RAM0N 487d ago

Gap is widening. Not just in sales, also in game quality + quantity. Microsoft has a lot to prove

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UCForce488d ago

Yup, PS4 take a cake. A big and delicious one.

DigimonMaster488d ago ShowReplies(1)
thatguyhayat488d ago


Youre not wrong there. I remember that backlash quantum break announcing for PC too.

DigitalRaptor488d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Definitely! At present, the Xbox 2017 exclusives lineup (at least when compared) is a joke.

Good thing it has Halo Wars 2 at the start of the year, cause I wouldn't expect anything else to release before E3, except some indies, and most likely all their AAA games will be delayed for the Scorpio launch a.k.a the holiday season.

PS4 has 8+ exclusive games in the first 4 or so months of the year. Demos for 2 of these games release on the store tomorrow so fans can get a taste for what awaits ahead of time. Sony is proving why they are on top, and deserve to be on top. I said that this would happen years ago, and was met with vitriol from the defense squad. It should have been obvious for a lot of people paying attention, after they closed around 8 first-party studios/projects/ventures back in March of this year.

Really, this has to be an embarrassment for MS and disconcerting for those who continually defend their release problems vs. the competition. C'mon Phil, man.... time to get busy and do what you have promised, especially in terms of the JRPG. MS needs to lay off focusing on getting BC games on the XB1, and actually focus on developing more games, and building better second and third-party partnerships to get more games and diversity in their lineup, because this really is a joke for a console going into its fourth year on the market. Truly.

And see, THIS right here is why having more power via Scorpio won't make a damned iota of difference other than short-lived, false-placed and obnoxious sense of euphoria from Xbox guys with a chip on their shoulder.

@ ShowanW

I don't do that - it's you and your ilk that simply don't like what I say, no matter how truthful.

First of all, I will buy the games I like, and play the games I like. However, only idiot Xbox fanboys are here making excuses as to why Xbox One has severely less games and diversity compared to PS4. It's not my fault Microsoft doesn't make the effort throughout the year. Even with delays, PS4 had a fantastic lineup of games throughout the year in 2016. Xbox had a drought, as it always does, and has also received the same amount of game delays, so if we're comparing both, PS4 still comes out ahead by far.

Can you list the "ton" of games that didn't release that I said would? TON of them? Really?

I can still play games whilst remaining intelligent and honest about who has the most games, the best games, the most diversity every year and going into the future. It really doesn't take long to make lists of games and compare them. And it's funny, cause it's not even the Sony fanboys noticing just how dry the Xbox is in terms of exclusive games. Everybody but the loyalists are. Weird how it was okay for people to rag on the PS4 for having "no games" or being "sparse", but not when you can prove it about Xbox. Just watch.... as XB1 experiences the sparsest lineup of exclusive games in 2017, and Microsoft will use backwards compatible games to make it seem like they don't.

It also doesn't matter how you want to avoid the facts that PS4 has better rated games than XB1, by making excuses about "Quality over quantity" - PS4 still wins and you remain salty. Xbox hasn't even had a GOTY since 2006 with Gears of War, and XB1 is still yet to receive a juggernaut new IP like Halo: CE (original Xbox) and Gears of War (X360), that defines the console and actually makes a difference. Tell me how MS is trying again.

ShowanW487d ago (Edited 487d ago )


You write some of the most idiotic replies here on N4G.

How about you buy all of those supposed PS games releasimg in 2017 to help Sony with some re-curring revenue.

Yall made the same stupid list games coming in 2016(amd bragged to death about it) and a ton of them didnt even release.

While y'all play list wars, Xbox Gamers are actually playing the games

@spectre: while I just beat Until Dawn,... Working on Assassins Creed Syndicate (Xbox One), and Last of Us DLC... List wars mean nothing, ya'll did the very same CRAP going into 2016 and half those games never released.
You think quantity tops quality? half the games listed for Playstation arent even close in the quality department as Ori... Stupid lists to justify an argument... pathetic.

trooper_487d ago

But Showan, you're here so you're not actually playing games.

Kashima488d ago Show
Gyarados488d ago

That list absolutely murders xbone. At least switch will have nintendo goodness. Ninty and sony for life.

LastCenturyRob487d ago

Murders what? The top "xbone" games on average still sell more than the top PS games, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

Muzikguy488d ago

It seems like people are surprised by this. It's been this way for almost 20 years

Eonjay488d ago

Microsoft and their supporters have taken full advantage of the post fact society. They will simply broadcast about the greatest lineup and that will be the truth that everyone is expect to adhere too. They will beat you over the head with their marketing until you submit and if you don't you will be attacked by their fans for talking facts.

formanbradley487d ago

It's funny, because there are four people who disagree with an objective fact (based on this list).

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Gaming_Cousin488d ago

Title should be console exclusives because almost all, if not all the games listed for Xbox One are coming to PC

Neonridr488d ago

and that affects you how exactly? You think an Xbox One player cares if a PC guy can play the same game as well? Just means a larger player base which for MP games could be a good thing.

Genuine-User488d ago

Probably doesn't affect him but he's technically correct. Going forward we should try and label these games as Microsoft exclusive.

Jaqen_Hghar488d ago

it's just for accuracy's sake. What if a man doesn't own one of the consoles? they still list it

Neonridr488d ago

@Genuine-User - fair enough, but it's still an Xbox exclusive in terms of console gaming. You could just label the title "Console Exclusives 2017" and that would cover it.

andrewsquall488d ago

You tell us. Just 11 months ago in January 2016, Xbox fans were still saying there is no way in hell Microsoft would act so insane and bring their Xbox games to PC. Less than a year later and you all have sure changed your stance on it.

Neonridr488d ago

@andrewsquall - I don't own an Xbox One, but I have a gaming PC. So sure, I was in love with the change by MS. Means I can play their titles without having to buy another console. MS still gets the money in the end. How is it any different than say Sony releasing a product on the PS4 and Vita? Still 2 separate platforms.

Muzikguy488d ago (Edited 488d ago )


Haven't you heard? Xbox has thousands of games*! 😂😂

*pc games that can be played on X1

Neonridr488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

@DigimonMaster - PSN ID - Neonridr, feel free to look me up to see how many hours I have logged on my PS4 since purchasing it day one. My Xbox Live account died with my 360 (minus playing Minecraft on my PC).

I defend companies when people who are mindless slaves to the corporations are attacking another for stupid reasons. I have ZERO ties to any one company. I have supported all of them at some point. Nintendo was my first love, have always had their consoles. Got a 360 last gen with my Wii. Missed out on the PS3. Decided to try the other side of the fence this gen and went with PS4. Also have a 3DS, Vita, Wii U, Oculus Rift and PSVR. I define myself as a gamer, so I don't limit myself to one experience. I try to sample everything that the world has to offer. And you can bet your arse that I will be keeping my eyes on the Scorpio. But as it stands right now, I can play the first party MS titles on my PC should I choose to do so.

Gaming_Cousin488d ago (Edited 488d ago )


Don't you realize that PC gamers have a bigger competitive advantage over Xbox One players? You think Xbox One gamers want that?

Razzer488d ago

I know Xbox One players care if a PC guy can play the same game. Did you just miss the hate Phil Spencer got when Quantum Break was announced for PC? It wasn't pretty.

Kizwiz6488d ago

@Gaming_Cousin that feature only truly affects FPS games. Games like Gears 4 tried crossplay with PC games and there's no clear advantage.

Nonetheless, not all the games are crossplay anyway. I'm an Xbox gamer and don'y care for the PC releases - yet I'm happy for any PC gamers to still play the games. People acting cynical as if there's no reason to buy an Xbox because of this - which is ridiculous. Xbox will still sell like cupcakes due to convenience.

uth11488d ago

It dilutes the value of the Xbox. Since I have a PC, I have no reason to ever buy one, whereas before I might for certain exclusives.

If enough people are in the same boat as me, then Xbox sales become lackluster and MS might finally cave to the investors who demand they rid themselves of the Xbox division. That's how it affects Xbox owners

Neonridr488d ago

@uth11 - it allows MS to capture more people. Console gamers aren't suddenly not going to buy an Xbox One because PC players can play too. How many people here have a legitimate gaming PC and a video game console? I would say we are in the minority here. So in my case I can play my PS4 and MS first party games on my PC. Had MS not made this move, I would have played PS4 games and zero XB1 games. So by MS doing this, they gained a new audience member in me because I wasn't going to buy an XB1 just to play a few games.

Money to be made is not a bad thing. If an XB1 owner suddenly decides that they would rather spend $1000+ on a gaming PC to play first party MS titles, they are free to do so. But gaming PC's are going to be hard pressed to match the Scorpio's specs, at least the majority of gaming PC's. So console owners may want to stick with MS for now.

bluefox755488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

It's not about whether it affects him, it's just good to stay honest and accurate. People that might not follow this stuff as closely might not know about MS sharing it's exclusives with PC, and if that person has a PC, they might read this and think they'd have to buy an Xbox to play a certain game. It just helps to stay accurate, keeps things simple.

ILostMyMind488d ago

MP with PC players is not a good thing. They cheat.

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madmonkey01488d ago

title is fine, just games incorrectly listed as exclusives s the problem.

Timesplitter14487d ago

Also they could've trimmed some of the more obscure games off of that list.
Voodoo Vince?
Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku?
Niki – Rock 'n' Ball?