Ubisoft to Reprint Beyond Good & Evil?

Is Ubisoft reprinting Beyond Good & Evil to hype up Beyond Good & Evil 2? According to one of their flyer's, taken by Firestorm on Neogaf, customers can preorder Beyond Good & Evil for the PS2 for $9.99. If true, now would be the right time to pick up this rare gem for those who didn't.

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ry-guy3625d ago

If they re-release it for the newer consoles I'll purchase it.

GodsHand3624d ago

They should, this game was really underated.

Montrealien3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Got this game at launch on the Xbox, a great game and the perfect definition of short and sweet.

EvilCackle3624d ago

It's also available on Steam for about ten bucks.

Panthers3624d ago

It should be downloadable on the PSN and XBLA