Video Gamer: Wipeout HD Review

Tom Orry writes:

"At £12 you've probably already made your mind up about WipEout HD, but in case you're on the fence we whole heartedly recommend you download it as soon as it hits the PlayStation Store. This isn't really WipEout's PS3 debut, being a collection of things we've seen before, but as a teaser to what is surely to come it's a highly polished and tremendously exciting game. If Sony keeps churning out PSN games like this they'll put the retail industry out of business."

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gaffyh3449d ago

What else do Studio Liverpool develop? I would like to see some other games from them soon.

Good thing about them is that they support their games a lot (usually with free DLC, like Criterion).

Cajun Chicken3449d ago

Studio Liverpool was formerly Psygnosis.
Pioneers in developing and publishing many landmark titles in the past on the Amiga and other platforms and no, they didn't make Lemmings, that was developed by DMA design who went on to become Rockstar North, crazy, eh?

3003449d ago

Day one purchase for me. The first game on PS1 was so addictive and got me into console gaming, and for £12, this is a must buy.

felidae3449d ago

yeah, it was one of my first games on the playstation along with Assault Rigs, Doom and Resident Evil.

aah, the good old days ...

AngryXbot3449d ago

PS3 triple A games are soon upon soon. The end is near for the 360.

juuken3449d ago

I'm so excited right now.
This game is a must-buy.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3449d ago


'If Sony keeps churning out PSN games like this they'll put the 'xBox 360' out of business' YEP!!! ;-D

-_-3449d ago

[[bloodmask,you should give credit if you see the link posted on gaf]]

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The story is too old to be commented.