Nintendo is Allegedly Recalling the Wii U From Major Retailers

Early last month, Nintendo ended production of its current-gen Wii U console. Given how the system failed to sell a significant amount of units (just shy of 13 million worldwide), this wasn’t entirely surprising. However, according to various reports from consumers, it appears that Nintendo is going one step beyond merely ending production of the system, with the console manufacturer seemingly recalling all Wii U systems from major retailers.

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derkasan489d ago

I'm just surprised Nintendo doesn't want to offer a price cut on the Wii U at this point.

LOL_WUT488d ago

"The NX will not replace the WiiU"

My, how times have changed ;)

Fist4achin487d ago

Since they are doing that, they'll probably end up in that landfill next to all those Atari E.T. cartridges.

mikeslemonade487d ago

Makes sense. They are putting some of those innards from the WiiUs and then putting those components into the Switch.

sinjonezp487d ago

I wasn't just thinking the same thing like why not cut the price and let consumers have a taste of what they missed. Instead of that they rather say just bring them back. That's kinda messed up and to me, not much consumer confidence going forward, Just my opinion.....

ravinash487d ago

They could just give them away and see how many Wii U game sales improve from that.

freshslicepizza487d ago

why give them away, sell them for $99 and get rid of them all

TheUndertaker85487d ago

They claim they can't without taking loses.

Seems like a bunch of crap to me.

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Miss_Weeboo487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

People that buy a Wii U at a cut price now, probably won't buy a Switch in a few months.

FallenAngel1984487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

That's faulty logic.

- Nintendo cut the price of GBA in Sept 2004 and had no problem launching DS in Nov 2004.
- Microsoft cut the price of Xbox in 2004 and had no problem selling Xbox 360 in 2005.

- Sony cut the price of PS2 in Apr 2006 and had no problem selling the PS3 in Nov 2006.

- Nintendo cut the price of DS in Aug 2010 and had no problem selling 3DS in Feb/Mar 2011.

- Sony cut the price of PS3 in August 2013 and had no problem selling PS4 in Nov 2013.

If the Swtich is a quality product it should have no problem selling irregardless of what else is on the market.

Miss_Weeboo487d ago

My logic is not faulty.
The DS, 360, PS3, 3DS, PS4 are very different than its predecessors. Here Nintendo knows they're gonna sell basically the same experience (slightly improved and with a gimmick: the switch thing)...
And I have a prove: They decided to recall the Wii U rather than cut its price.

kevnb487d ago

@FallenAngel1984 well actually some of those systems started off a little poorly and picked up steam later on. For example, the 3ds had a big price drop year one before it started selling.

Fist4achin486d ago

I don't understand why they didn't just let the remaining amount of WiiUs in Stock dwindle over time with sales.

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uth11487d ago

If they did a price cut, I'd pick one up to replace my Wii. But not at $250

Timesplitter14487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

I think it's a good move to cut support for the WiiU and discontinue it completely. It's the best thing to do whenever you have a failed product/project. It'll upset some people, but in the end, it'll be for the best.

Otherwise, it'll just end up dragging their future projects down with it. They better focus all of their efforts on what's next, without compromise

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awdevoftw487d ago

Business wise it makes sense. Create a demand from people wanting one, and getting rid of the internal competition before the switch comes out. Not many people would buy both, and it seems they want to put all their efforts into the switch from here on out. Those that can't get a wii u will most likely buy a switch instead. Also, it might be too confusing to an average consumer to see all the Nintendo systems, and may pick up a wii u, instead of the switch, and be disappointed that the wii u is not supported anymore. Doesn't matter to me, because I won't be buying either, but it does make sense.

joab777487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

It does and doesn't. It's a risk, because many who bought the WiiU may feel slighted at the disregard. Also, a price cut could sell out the inventory, especially w/ Zelda coming. The smarter move would have been to release Zelda for WiiU a few months b4 the Switch, like for Xmas. Would have sold all their inventory, And ppl still would buy the Switch b/c they remember the company from 2 decades ago.

Problem is that they have failed so fantastically that they have been reduced to these gimmicks to ensure sales in their next console. How about this? Make what we want, price it right and we will buy it. Stand behind the products you make and invest in the people who buy them.

As I said above, they have a responsibility to support WiIU for all those who did buy it, as Sony and Ms would be slaughtered if they pulled this shit. I hope ppl think twice about investing in another Nintendo console.

sk8ofmnd487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Exactly, nintendo is on shaky ground. Esp when it seems they have done little to learn from what made the wiiu such a failure. Ppl dont just forget so easilly when things fail or dont work properly... Just ask ms. Nintendo needs a runaway success! Does it offer things that most gamers would clamor to get their hands on it? From what ive seen no it does not. Its just more of the same... Underpowered, overpriced, and out of touch with what gamers have wanted in a gaming console since 2006. Well looks like ill have to wait another 4 years to hope for a traditional console from ninty.

mcstorm487d ago

I remember reading Zelda has been dropped for the WiiU and them stopping selling the WiiU for me might just confirm that. Why make a game for a console no longer selling.

FallenAngel1984487d ago

Meanwhile PS3 units are still being sold while PS4 continues to thrive as the current most successful platform on the market

Kinda throws a wrench into your entire theory

bluefox755487d ago

Yeah, that's dumb, they made the same argument when Wii U came out: "People didn't even know it was a new console, they thought it was a Wii addon."
Apparently Nintendo customers are all idiots, or at least Nintendo and the gaming media think they are.

awdevoftw487d ago

Not really, because the ps3 is still supported. The install base is extremely high. The wii u base is a fraction of that. I'm not saying it's not a shotty move from nintendo, but they know the core nintendo fans will buy the switch. They are trying to get new people to buy the switch now.

noksucow73487d ago

Well, I'm sure hoping Breath of the Wild still comes out for the WiiU. Anyone heard if it truly is discontinued, or if it's just a rumor? I'm not wanting to invest in the Switch just yet. I'll wait about a year.

Vegamyster487d ago

It's just a rumor, it doesn't make sense that it would be cancelled when they had just shown new footage running on the Wii-U a week before.

noksucow73487d ago

Cool. Glad then. I'm looking forward to that game. I'm sure it will run better on the Switch, but I'm waiting on getting that system.

superchiller487d ago

This action basically confirms that the Wii U version of Zelda BotW will be cancelled. Why would they pull Wii U consoles from retailers if they had a huge new game coming out for that very same console? Think about it, makes no sense at all.

noksucow73487d ago

There is still over 10 million Wiiu owners, so they could capitalize on a percentage of those owners, and sales of the wiiu version. Especially if the game is near finished . I guess we'll have to wait and see

joab777487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

I don't understand Nintendo at all! Why not drop the damn price and sell them to people. There's plenty of families that would pay $149 for a system for their kids for Xmas. Especially with Zelda coming. No. Get rid of it so everyone is forced to wait for the Switch. It's shit like this that pisses me off. Ya failed! But ya can't abandon everyone that did buy one. Ride it out, sell out of the inventory you have and PROVE the Switch is worth it, and everyone will buy it.

This shit makes me not wanna invest in another Nintendo console. What if the Switch is a failure. Gonna pull that from the shelves in 2 yrs and completely abandon it and everyone who bought it? Pathetic!

It's time their Highnesses are held accountable! If Sony or MS did shit like this, they'd be crucified. Hell, they just stopped making updates for last gen...after 3 yrs, and it's b/c the numbers have plummeted.

Vegamyster487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

They're probably doing it because of the Switch, it's going to be getting games that were on the Wii-U and we don't know what it's priced at, they'd probably prefer people buy the new system that's going to recieve new software instead of the old one where the only game left is Zelda.

sk8ofmnd487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

The thing is they have royally screwed over the wiiu with its high price that most people have been turned off on it. Most ppl that wanted one got one. Yeah a 199 or lower console would move some units, but i highly doubt it would clear out the stock. It would be interesting to see how many consoles they moved in 2016. Hell they prob know that even if they dropped the price of the wiiu to 149 it wouldnt sell gangbusters. Most ppl who arent gamers barely even know what a wiiu is. There hardly any ads for it or anything. Plus if they did slash the price it would make ppl loose stock in nintendo even more (if thats possible).

Its almost as if the wiiu should have been what the wii was and now the switch is what the wiiu should have been. How do you do well for yourself in the console market when youre a gen behind for 2 gens in a row?

They say they arent competing with ms and sony but the last time i checked theres inches between their shelf on the wall and sony and ms's. They are in direct competition with them. You want to single yourself out for the sake of being different? Mission accomplished, the wiiu failed hard on its own lonesome. Congrats dumbasses

gbsrnctaln487d ago


S#!+!& the bed since 2010.

sk8ofmnd487d ago

I would say they started to shit the bed in 2006 when the wii launched. Yeah it had amazing first partys and a runaway gimmick, in my opinion this is where they started on a path that left a shitty taste in most gamers mouths.

gbsrnctaln487d ago

True, but the wii had some promise there for a while. Maybe 2008 would be better?

sk8ofmnd487d ago

Not really, the day they went for waggle in replaced it with weaker hardware was the day gamers started taking them less seriously. One of my fav youtubers says it best. Ever since the 64 they have continuously screwed the pooch when if they would have just made simple console improvements they wouldnt be where they are today. Listen to this. This guy lays it out very plainly.

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