Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 price cut in Europe

Microsoft confirmed today that the Xbox 360 will receive a price cut in Europe, with the Premium unit selling for £169.99 / Euro 239.99, the Arcade unit selling for £129.99 / Euro 179.99 and the Xbox 360 Elite unit selling for £229.99 / Euro 299.99.

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MURKERR3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

that is not a good sign, might aswel give them away free in boxes of cereal

price works for short periods its games which sells consoles 1st party games all the way

Masta_fro3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

think they're simply to accustomed to the ps brand in Europe... The 360 is not a bad console no matter how much you want to state the ps3's superiority (fanboys)...

yes its unreliable...but the games are there...

I personally cant wait for bioshock on my ps3, and i guess it would be ignorant to say the 360 is low on games.

oh well...maybe sometime in the next 20 years Microsoft.

mikeslemonade3716d ago

So the Arcade version is as cheap as a PSP. Excluding Japan I wonder if the 360 will be cheaper than the PS2 in this generation.

Anton Chigurh3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

2008 was supposed to be $ony's year but once again M$ stole the lights from $ony with better games , more DLCS and a reasonable price for their console

good job M$

179.99 for the arcade , wow that's really cheap and with 3 year warranty


@ below

you know we are gamers , we only cares about games and online not "sales"

Fishy Fingers3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Whaaa? Sony have old sold MS so far this year, and last.

So being old sold is how they "stole the light"?

3716d ago
Emmo3716d ago

Correct it is games that sell a console and the 360 has more 90% + games than the PS3, FACT

Now with this price cut MS are going to wrap up this xmas in the UK.

Rekyyli3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Now people with low budget can play and enjoy games like Gears1/2, ME, Halo3, Bio, Cod4, Fable2, Forza2 and many many more just for £129.99- / €179.99-. So could u guys tell me why this is bad news? And when PS3 gets a pricedrop, it´s party time?!? Give me a fvcking break.

I can sell my Premium to you fanbois for 600€ if that makes more sense.

whoelse3716d ago

2 price cuts in the same year doesn't give the public much confidence about the system.

JoKeR3716d ago

Wow, MURKERR just got owned by fermcr11.

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cahill3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

but price cut wont help sales in europe
europe is a lost territory for x360

BTW the arcade is already 179 euro in Germany and France

AngryXbot3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Price cut nr4 in a year?

These must be desperate times for MS.

ConanOBrien3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Yap.. it sounda like a desperate measure from M$. BUT Homoboys have nothing to stop M$ business plans, so these Homeboys could only call it "a desperate move", "Poor M$" and all that. The real SAD NEWS is that SONY Homeboys take it too seriously, just like this ^^Angryboy^^. LMAOLOL.. why bother trolling on Xbox News?? Who's really desperate in here? ;D ;D

Life's good.

pwnsause3716d ago

another price cut in 6 months. oh well, hope for the best.

Calcio3716d ago

An English version with UK prices from TechRadar is in the ALT sources or here

Omega43716d ago

This pretty much gurantees a win this holiday for MS in the US and UK, but as for the rest of the EU it remains to be seen

As for the people saying "another price cut", Sony cut the price of the PS3 twice in its FIRST YEAR, not to mention all the hidden price cuts by releaseing 5 different SKUs

I dont know why that when Sony cuts the price or bundles their best games its seen as a 'good deal of the costumer', yet when MS does it its seen as desperation

RememberThe3573716d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but, the 360 has had a lower price than the PS3 nearly since launch. When the PS3 gets a price drop it's not a surprise because the price is already "high" but when the 360 gets a price cut it's looks a little desperate since the price of the 360 is already "low".

thor3716d ago

It's not good for 360's image. It's a cheap console. Oh of course it will increase sales, at least in the short term, but even if you got the console for free it costs hundreds of pounds to buy the games and peripherals. MS could give their console away for almost nothing, then charge not just for live but to play the console in the first place. On a subscription basis. Yes, they'd love that. A 360, in the long term, if you buy the peripherals that come as standard on the PS3 as well as all the things you want anyway like games (the same number for the sake of comparison), controllers, etc., will cost MORE than a PS3. It's a very wise business tactic by microsoft. I personally am APPAULED by the fact you have to pay a subscription to play online. I was absolutely shocked when I found out originally, having already played my PS3 online over my wireless network for free, and having played counter-strike for free, that you would have to subscribe to pay online with a 360. My household has 3 PSN accounts and 2 computers used for gaming. If MS had their way, how much would that cost a year?

Also, I would add that I don't think people are waiting for a price cut on the 360. A PS3 price cut would send sales soaring as all the people who are itching to get a PS3 now feel OK about buying one. The demand for the PS3 is higher than for the 360 (this is obvious as the PS3 outsells the 360 even though the price is higher). The price point is holding people back on purchasing the PS3, not so much the 360. As it drops in price, sales will go up, but not dramatically. As it comes down in price towards the Wii, PSP and PS2, it will be viewed as a last-gen console.

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