Call Of Duty 6 - Permission To Burn Money Granted

Activision have made a healthy business out of yearly updates to their gaming franchises. So the news that the Call Of Duty series, one of it's most successful, is taking a year off would seem like an odd decision. But following it is the news that there will be plenty of DLC to fill the void - all of which, if the current titles are anything to go by, will be thrown away when COD 6 finally lands.

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sonarus3592d ago

EA owns call of duty now?...this story should be reported for being fake

Rich16313591d ago

I don't know what you are talking about. Not once does it even mention EA in that article.

AAACE53591d ago

Activision and Blizzard merged and are one of the biggest publisher/developers competing with EA!

I believe it is true. I can see myself buying DLC for CoD 4, but I don't see myself buying CoD 5! I would rather wait until 6 comes out! I think i've seen enough of WWII. They do make CoD 5 sound kind of interesting though... But at this point, I do not plan on buying it!

Alcohog3591d ago

It will be Call of Duty 5.

Tempist3591d ago

So officially activision and who ever is making a COD game is officially putting profit margins ahead of actually entertaining people. Excellent.

But I guess this is all endabled by people who just like to run and gun in their games. Gamers, for the loss.

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