1UP: Robocalypse Preview

1UP writes: "in the sense that the now-Tecmo-published Robocalypse is, at its heart, a paint-by-numbers real-time-strategy exercise, not much has changed since our previous look at this DS game. At your disposal are a few attack, medic, hero, and resource-gathering and structure-building units, and each mission has at least one primary objective (and sometimes secondary objectives or secrets). From our recent hands-on time with a near-final build, the in-game action's looking good, with an impressive amount of commotion taking place on the map. You can also earn a handful of achievements that you can view in the main menu's "Hall of Fame."

You control Robocalypse mostly through the touch screen -- drag the stylus around to move the map; tap to select units, buildings, or commands. Selecting actions and units works without a hitch for the most part, but the user interface can feel a bit awkward when you're trying to manage a crisis in the making. The relatively loose organization of your attack units (unless you have a hero to form them into a group) adds to this difficulty, but at least that much is deliberate."

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