GamesRadar: NHL 2K9 Wii Review

GamesRadar writes: "Every once in awhile, the thought would pop into our heads – why isn't there a hockey game on the Wii? Then we picked up the Wii Remote and Nunchuk and said "oh yeah – riiiiiiiight." Eventually, though, it had to happen, as simple math (zillions of Wiis sold = chance for money) dictates that at least one of the two NHL license holders would take a shot at the fastest game on ice.

That turned out to be the gang at 2K Sports, who made the admirable decision to translate a traditional puckfest onto the most untraditional console - by no means a simple task. To say we were dubious it could be done would be the understatement of the month."

You'll love:

* Surprisingly fun controls
* Innovative fighting engine
* Lots of old-school jerseys

You'll hate:

* Third-rate visuals
* Lousy camera angles
* No online play

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