Gamervision Review: Zoids Assault

GV reports:

''The Zoids franchise is built off of the premise that eventually we will ditch our aerodynamic war-machines in favor of large metal cats with rocket launchers strapped to their backs and EMP cannons mounted to their bellies. Going into Zoids Assault expecting a dramatic, Shakespearean story might be asking too much, and despite being referred to as a tactical RPG, it's very light on the Role-Playing-Game elements. The game's story is told through awful cut scenes, comprised of still frame anime images and blocks of text. It feels like a low-budget Nintendo DS game, despite having a $60 price tag. Luckily they are skippable, and you will soon be hitting every button on the controller instead of combing through the melodramatic and cliché plot synopsis.

Zoids Assault's high point is its graphics, which don't look much better than a gussied-up PlayStation 2 title. To hide the low-resolution textures and repetitive environments TOMY added several feet of fuzz and grain, which covers the virtual battlefield like a digital fog. In other games this generation, most notably Battlefield: Bad Company, film grain was used attain a darker, grittier, and more realistic style. In Zoids Assault, it's used in such excess to make up for the title's visual inadequacies that it actually manages to get in the way of the gameplay.''

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Rick Astley3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

They're charging $60 for this? LOL

Atlus needs to stop publishing crap like this.