Gamervision Review: Infinite Undiscovery

GV reports:

''tri-Ace, creator of such popular RPG series as Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean, has said that Infinite Undiscovery is a realization of ten-years worth of ideas, resulting in an experience that could only be achieved on current-day consoles. It is also one of the first Xbox 360 games to cause sales to rise in Japan, and the game was popular enough to cause nationwide shortages of a console that usually sells less than a thousand units a week. With Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey failing to be any more than average, gamers were ready for the first stand-out RPG experience of this generation, and with the amount of money Square-Enix put into advertisements many thought that Infinite Undiscovery would be the game that fans wanted it to be.

The plot kicks off with the Order of Chains, who found it wise to bind the moon to the world with large, magical chains. Wherever one of these shackles is placed, death and destruction soon follows in the form of monsters and natural disasters. Traveling from chain to chain is Sigmund the liberator, leader of The Force, and savior of the land. He is known throughout the world as the only man who can sever the chains, and is ambitiously and heroically attempting to free the lunar body from its manacles. Enter: Capell, a flute playing coward who happens to look so similar to the Liberator that even Aya, one of The Force's members, can't tell them apart when she breaks into an Order of Chains prison to rescue Capell, who is being held for that very reason.''

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