Crysis: No More Stupid AI (Advanced AI Mod)

GameXtract writes "I've always had a hate for enemy A.I. They were just too simple in Crysis. The ability to run into a house full of 30+ soldiers blazing guns was just a bit beyond realism for me. Even with the badass nanosuit you won't be able to absorb it all. Thanks to Rad15 we will no longer have to put up with the dumb A.I. The mod creator had been working on an Advanced A.I modification that would be more aggressive, and tactical than the current. After months of hard work he has released the modification, and it's now at version 1.1."

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thor3595d ago

I think if the AI collected a lot of objects and those explosive barrels in one place, waited until you got near, then shot them, it would either crash your computer or slow it down enough for them to have an advantage ;)