TeamXbox: Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack Impressions

Criterion's latest Burnout SKU is Paradise City: An open world which features an entire metropolis worth of real estate begging to be inundated with bits of burnt rubber and sheet metal scraps.

In a push to bring out the personality of the breathing world that is Paradise City, Criterion decided to use several, very distinctive car classes instead of its usual homologated offering. Although not officially licensed, the vehicles in the muscle, hot rod, SUV and exotic classes have lines iconic enough to make them easily identifiable by any gear head.

The same iconic styling of the Burnout Paradise's four wheelers goes for the motorcycles that will soon be coming in a "Bikes Pack" download (which is a part of Criterion's "Year of Paradise" DLC push that intends to keep Burnout Paradise's persistent world fresh for a long time).

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mt3742d ago

really that is my favorite car game i bought it on lunch day and i still play it .
this update s gonna be awesome.. i haven't thought we will ride bikes .