Activision to Further "Monetize" Call of Duty

Edge writes: "Activision raked in millions in sales with 2007's Call of Duty 4, but the publisher sees more opportunities beyond the retail box with the upcoming sequel.

"We ... see strong opportunities to monetize online gameplay," said Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith during an analyst day on Monday. "The average Call of Duty player has spent nearly five full 24-hour days of their lives online since purchasing the game.

"Over time, we'll qualify more opportunities to increase the monetization of these activities."

Infinity Ward-developed CoD4 has paid downloadable maps available on digital storefronts, but with CoD5, developed by Activision studio Treyarch, downloadable content will be a considerably bigger priority."

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Masta_fro3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Call of Duty 5.5, "Climb trees AND walls in WW2!"

seriously now, the game doesn't look bad, i just don't think i can afford it with all the other sequels coming out....As in R2, K2, GeOW2, Motorstorm2, POP

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3621d ago

It doesn't look bad at all, but I rather not get every shooter on the market, I'm getting KZ2 just three months after this comes out, I rather wait till end 2009 for CoD6.

RememberThe3573621d ago

Just put it in the game! I'm already paying $60! Throw me a bone here...

TheColbertinator3620d ago


Exactly.Its really not that hard to wait until the game comes out and a month later,you announce DLC.Activision should consider a fair strategy.

Bolts3620d ago

Welcome to the world of console gaming. The entry fee for the hardware is cheap but the ownership cost is nothing less then a rape fest.

What we need an open source console with an upgrade cycle of 4-6 years. I'll be like a Xbox, very PC like, but still retain it's push to play accessibility. With no need for Live or PSN to trap you in their closed DLC nickle and dime networks, the internet is your play ground. Free unlimited access to the thousands of existing PC servers. For a community feel there's Steam or whatever developer portal that might exists by then.

My god somebody please make this happen. I'm so tired of DLC and licensing fee markups.

LinuxGuru3621d ago

Great, so now we'll be getting taken advantage of by devs that give us less game and more pay-to-use DLC.


Fux4Bux3620d ago

Just code words for nickel and dime charges to play a game. Maps being so overpriced is bad enough let alone charging for usable stuff like they all want to so bad.

The day where spending more money on DLC in a game makes you do better is the day gaming is dead imo.