Sony Delivers Home Features Video

It's almost here... I know, we've been knocking at the Sony door and no-one has been in, but the promise is out there and they can't take it back - Home will be released this year.

After watching the video, it's obvious that the community has been unfairly judging Home, calling it a Nintendo or Second Life rip-off... This couldn't be further from the truth.

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ToastyMcNibbles3738d ago

awesome video...i love the fact that sony has taken what online gaming is now and instead of just replicating it in their own little way they are taking it another step with home and are really innovating and establishing what online gaming will be for the future

Masta_fro3738d ago

give me the dam thing...jesus

Overr8ed3738d ago

not bad, but I do hope they have more games to play IN HOME.

whoelse3738d ago

This is a very good sign! Sony are starting to hype up the service therefore the Open Beta can't be too far away now.

MAiKU3738d ago

Wow the Sims? Oh gee i didn't know you could meet new people for your network via the game, launch different games, play games with others, watch movies with others, etc. I never new the Sims was capable of so much, because that's whats drawing us in, everything that the Sims is doing? At least that's what this article from a site not very well known is stating and that's just all the reason to give them validity.

nice_cuppa3738d ago

that wasn't boring at all !

im really losing interest in home !

i hope it doesn't get in the way !

it just seems such a slow way of doing things !

ThatCanadianGuy3738d ago

Of course its stupid and pointless.
Because its not on 360 right?

juuken3738d ago

If it was on the 360, it would have been praised as the second coming. -___-

n4gzz3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )


Do you play COD4 ?? If you do, can i add you on my psn? If you let me, I give you bubble :D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

The Video was AMAZING!!! ;-P

@juuken ;) 'HOME' IS!!! the 2nd COMING!!! ;-P
(I have come more than that tho!!!) ;-o
(SORRY) ;)

SONY need to show 'HOME' on a Advert on T.V!!! ;)

Drekken3738d ago

Who are you trying to kid? N4G users or yourself? You were never interested in HOME. Go home.

juuken3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I don't have Call of Duty 4 but I was considering to get it. When I make up my mind, I'll add ya. :]

*shakes Ken again* I will invite you to my beach party when Home comes out! >:3

You get to be the lifeguard!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Sorry i'd be no good, because i won't save the xBox 360 from SINKING!!! ;-D

+ Cool;) A Beach party...i'll bring a xBox 360 so we can cook/smoke some food!!! ;-D

That 'HOME' Video is Fantastic ;-P
Thank you SONY for making it and giving it to us for FREE!?!?!?!?! ;-P
(Google the word FREE xBot Lemmings!!!) ;-D

Shake me??? Again??? RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!;) I feel sorry for your Sack-boy Toy!!! ;-D

juuken3738d ago

Because you are shakeable Ken. :3

You'll be great for the job! You know you wanna see the love of your life in a bikini. :D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3738d ago

Last time you were Shaking me my Arms and Legs fell off!!! ;-D
Then you stuck my Arms where my Legs go and my Legs where my Arms go!!! ;-D
It was a Very Scary sight!!! ;-D

Do you mean Veronica Belmont? or Sack-girl? ;-D In a Bikini ;-P
I could NEVER concentrate on Saving people if she was on the Beach!!!
;-P ;-P ;-P

juuken3737d ago

Yes, Veronica! >:3

*glues arms and legs back on, only for them to come off again*

...I think we need a medic for this one. >o>

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3737d ago

;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P

Glue my head the right way around if that falls off!!! ;-D

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n4gzz3738d ago

Not interested so much in HOME but I must say that was very impressive gaming community display.

Kill Crow3738d ago

exactly like second life to me

... furniture placement OMFG that's sooo cool

MaximusPrime3738d ago

sony planned Home for a long time even before Second life. i would call this a second life ripoff

Kill Crow3738d ago dude.

next thing you'll say is that Sony invented consoles, online gaming, toast, and every other cool thing ... and everything else is a cheap immitation ....

get help quick ...

MAiKU3738d ago

obviously we're not gonna convince you here, what you need to do is look up information before you start spewing crap from your mouth. Just Google the differences and i'm pretty sure you'll be okay and realize that feature is a small minor option in a vast sea of other possibilities for the game.

Actually scratch that. People stating the facts was just not good enough for you and there was even articles stating why it's different. you are just a fool and troll trying to piss people off. so don't bother.

Kill Crow3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

To Quote Phil Harrison

"I think you’re way oversimplifying by suggesting Second Life and Home are the same. In Home, you get a character and a 3D world, and that’s where the similarity ends... Home is about entertainment, it has a game focus, and it’s about sharing with a like-minded community. We don’t give users the level of influence over the environment, behaviour and object definitions that Second Life does – it’s as secure as any other PS3 game..."

OK so wow, it's Game oriented.

What is it still ... a 3D virtual world where users can customise crap and meet other people to show off their 3D virtual customised crap.

Hmmmmm .... Sounds awefully like second life to me

I'm not trying to troll or piss anyone off ... it's just my opinion that I don't think this or xbox avatards are anything great ... They don't add ANYTHING to online gaming at all and just make the whole experience more tedious.

I bet you can't point ONE single thing about Home that is so exceptionaly brilliant it will revolutionalise online in the way it is being hyped?

EDIT: and if the facts you were refering to are about sony planning home before SL, just what the hell is that supposed to mean. I don't really care which one was planned first, but second life has been going for years ... Home has been delayed for years ....

MAiKU3736d ago

see those disagrees? that means you're wrong and you don't see any potential for such an application, therefore stating you don't have any common sense as far as the gaming community goes.

everything else your stating doesn't make much sense probably because in your desperate attempt to trump me.

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