Need For Speed Deluxe Bundle now available on Xbox One - brings together two great games

Neil writes "Exhausted everything that Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6 can give? Bored of Project Cars? Need a slight change of tack? The Need For Speed Deluxe Bundle may just be something to check out."

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SlyBoogie1993696d ago

Didn't find need for speed as good as it could have been

andrewsquall696d ago

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) and Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) are available now on Xbone?
Oh, you mean those 2 horrible games that are essentially on the same game engine NFS The Runs was on, a game engine not suited to racing games. Lol "two great games".

RedDeadLB696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Only NFS2016, Rivals and The Run were on Frostbite, each one on a new iteration of the engine. Also, Frostbite is one of the best engines in existence and I can see why EA devs are using it basically everywhere.

On a side note, I had fun with RIvals. Not so much with NFS2016. But this pack is good if you're into arcadey racers once in a while or just to gawk at the beautiful vistas and visuals, but not for this high price.

KiwiViper85696d ago

This pack is $100nzd, ea access which includes both of these games plus a ton more, is $40nzd..

696d ago
Retroman696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Used to be a time reading Need for Speed title would excite me. Now meh.
Need for speed lost its way since Blackbox made Mostwanted.
Since then one flop after another, including 2015 reboot.
out of 23 need for speed titles only 9 was good.
I have ALL 9 titles .

Im calling it First : 2017 Need for speed will be disappointing again .

Movefasta1993696d ago

carbon was still better than a lot of the recent nfs games

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