New Fable II Screens Bring The Spooky

Kotaku: Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but when I think of Fable II, I think of bright lit hills, cobblestone paths and cheery townsfolk of hobbit proportions. I don't think of glowing-eyed, pig-tailed specter girls and creepy goblins at twilight. Thanks, new screens from the Xbox 360 exclusive. You've forced me to take another look at Fable II.

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Breakfast3596d ago

This game looks great :)

MelaDarkwood3595d ago

Definitely agreed. Everything I read about it just makes me want it more. =)

nice_cuppa3595d ago

one of the best looking games so far this gen for me !
don't let realism be the marker you judge graphics !
art style is more important to me !
being technically impressive can be done in fantasy worlds too.
i wish there were more games like this.
real games.
fantasy and escapism ftw !

TheColbertinator3595d ago

Thats what I always loved about Fable.When games these days are bleak and gray like Gears 2 or Killzone 2,Fable 2 shows up with its astounding use of color and foliage,bright lighting and vibrant characters.I love Fable.

bouncybullet3595d ago

The design is great.
I'm very anxious for this one.

nice_cuppa3595d ago

you can feel it coming cant you !

mass surge by 360 !

ps3 left behind !

Sony forced to drop the price !

ps3 sales surge but not catching !

further prise cuts leave ps3 in last place 360 in second and the wii winning this console war !

2010 Microsoft and nintendo launch there new systems !

2012 Sony launches ps4 !

????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????

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