Ecco the Dolphin Creator settles lawsuit with Sega, series could resurrect

Ed Annunziata and SEGA have resolved the legal dispute on the series of Ecco the Dolphin: whether it's an encouraging sign for the possible return of the saga?

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Fist4achin339d ago

Ecco was a cool game. Very calming and chill. It would be insane on VR.

Miss_Weeboo339d ago

It wasn't calming and chill, unless you were swimming with your dolphin brothers and sisters in the first level before the kidnapping, after that it was a freaking nightmare! Hard game, very nerve breaking

Fist4achin339d ago

The atmosphere and mood. I know it was about conveying messages of antipollution and anti-cruelty of marine life, but you were solving problems and doing good positive things for your pod and in a broader sense the ocean environment in general. It wasn't absolute chaos like your typical fps shooter...that's all I meant.

Auron339d ago

Maybe the sega cd music was calming everything else was angering. Never played the dreamcast/PS2 ver. Though...

Auron339d ago

Yeah.. lol like sega would even touch the ecco ip! like they touch any of their other ips for that matter!

Miss_Weeboo339d ago

Isn't that the truth? I wanna see a new Nights, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star, Jet Radio.
Sega: when are you finally gonna realize how awesome you were?

FlyingFoxy339d ago

I guess it's always a possibility that they hope to get back to making consoles again and have a ton of great games for it, would at least explain why they are doing so little with all those good titles under their belt currently.

rainslacker338d ago

Maybe environmentalism will make a comeback and I can see them trying to cash in. People care less about the environment nowadays though, and spend more time trying to figure out who's wronging them personally in some way. I'd imagine some game could be made based on that premise.

3-4-5339d ago

The music in this game is beautiful.

Auron339d ago

True that! Have you ever heard the Sega CD versions?