Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Sales Are Disappointing According To Retailer Feedback

Barclays revealed that Activision Blizzard, Inc. is set for disappointment regarding Call of Duty sales after retailer feedback

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FallenAngel1984698d ago

Still sold better than most other games. This is the equivalent of parents getting mad at their kid for bringing home a B when their other children bring home straight As

20live698d ago

Yes it did , and your example is spot on. Made me laugh

boomtube1987697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Sold better than most other games? It Sold better than ALL OTHER GAMES this year. This years COD will sell less than last years excellent BO3 which is a Treyach game. Still sold better than BF1. The most hyped game of the year.

EverydayJoe697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Everyone knows CoD will release in Nov. It does every year, my bewilderment is why does every other FPS try to cramm into the same release slot? I get the holiday sales would be significantly better this time a year, but hell you can get CoD, BF1 and Titanfall2 for a song just a few weeks after release on Amazon or even GameStop. I don't think anything is going to dethrone CoD anytime soon so why not spread it out a bit better? Might help games like Titanfall's sales.

oof46697d ago

The closest thing we have is VGChartz ( I know, N4G hates VGChartz) and these are the numbers.
Infinite Warfare: 5.8 million
Battlefield 1: 5.74 million

But we have no idea what the Steam and Origin numbers are. But, we know there is a stronger Battlefield community than there is a CoD community on PC, so the numbers might be even, or Battlefield could even be ahead.

bmf7364697d ago

Early sales are doing better than Cod for BF1. But overally CoD will still pull in high sales numbers as the year rolls on. CoD: IW has been pushing sales by marking down to almost 50% off and $20 off the CoD4 bundle. Will they take a hit on their initial profit margin? Probably. But early sales numbers are what investors care about at the moment.

EverydayJoe697d ago

More like a kid with slipping grades. One that brought home some A's and is now bringing home B-'s

boomtube1987697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

@EverydayJoe im 29 years old and most of my mates play CoD time to time. Infact some play only CoD. Its a great game to play after work for an hour or so with mates. Its as casual gaming for a console gamers. Quick game of TDM or Free for all. Dont matter if ur $h1t. Its just a quick social console gaming. CoD is NOT a game for nerds but for casual social gamers who dont play much gaming and don't spent hundreds on gaming.

PlayableGamez-697d ago

I mean a flop is a flop. If they are saying it's a flop, it's a flop.

korea09696d ago

Tis the season for kids to beg their parents for a new CoD so I'm guessing the sales will increase

korea09696d ago

@oof46 they also don't track digital sales for XB1 and PS4 and IW sold more on both consoles so I'm guessing digital sales will also be pretty high

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PhoenixUp698d ago

If Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's sales, which are still higher than most other games this year, are considered disappointing then what does that mean for most other games' sales?

Paytaa698d ago

Well Call of Duty is held to a higher standard versus most games when it comes to sales.

20live697d ago

and this time around they have sort of underperformed

Vegamyster697d ago


Lots of games did, way too many games in a short period.

boomtube1987697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

@Paytaa It teaches as one thing. COD formula and console gamers love COD. Games like FIFA, GTA & COD will never die as long as there is Consoles. These are made to be played on CONSOLES and for CONSOLE gamers first.

20live697d ago

Yup lots of games did underperform , but I personally found Infinite Warfare lacking. Titanfall 2 was superb , but it launched alongside Battlefield 1 and COD so that really hurt it's sales

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korea09696d ago

Sales are dissapointing but I heard thanks to MWR the revenue isn't all that bad

Manubiggs697d ago

But is this just based on retail sales? Until we have the digital numbers we dont really know if its been a flop.

IIFloodyII697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

It's not been a flop, I can tell you that, it'a one of the best selling games of the year, just selling worse than the last CoD.

And making hundreds of millions is far from a flop, it's just not as impressive as the billion it usually makes.

I saw far more hate than hype for it, but yeah it having Call of Duty in it's name is far more important than the MP (which is pretty terrible, the SP was pretty good though) not being good, but that's hardly anything new.

PlayableGamez-697d ago

A flop is a flop.
I mean it's hard to pass up a deal when the gave the game out for a penny.

20live697d ago

yes it is one of the best selling games of the year , but for me it is because of the hype rather than content r gameplay

CrimsonWing69697d ago

Yea how many of these stories are we going to get?

hiawa23697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Sales are dissapointing yet the game has outsold damn near or all other games released during the period. Sounds like a win to me. They shot for an A but got a B, I say job well done. I am loving both great campaigns.

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