Rock Band 2 Unboxing

GameXtract writes "I have to admit that I'm out of line today. For some reason I had the idea that Rock Band 2 was still months away. To my mind bottling surprise this morning, one of my friends had been asking me if I received Rock Band 2. I was confused, and out of wack, and to my surprise I went onto Gamestop to reveal that in fact the game is already available. Maybe it's the fact that the only version available is on the 360, but I'm quite surprised at how awkward that moment was. CNET were not as forgetful, and in spite of the release of Rock Band 2 they have filmed the unboxing of Rock Band 2. You get to see each instrument bit by bit, and if you are still deciding on which title to buy (Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero 4) this might help you out. Unboxing below!"

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