IGN: Turtle Beach X4 Wireless Headset Review

The problems associated with the Turtle Beach headphones have always been counteracted by the economically efficient price point, but not in the case of the X4s. Unlike their other offerings, which are typically priced around the $99.99 to $150 area, Turtle Beach has obscenely overpriced the X4s at $199.99. With all of its known issues, IGN would cap the retail cost of the X4s at $129.99. If they have any sense at all, Turtle Beach will hopefully reduce the cost to a more reasonable level, otherwise, they can't imagine the X4s selling successfully.

Performance - 6.8
Build Quality - 8.5
Audio Quality - 7.5
Features - 7.8
Value - 4.1
Comfort - 8.0
Overall -

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