Most overrated games of 2016 - Quarter to Three

Tom Chick - "Overrated is a loaded term. It looks good in a headline. It’s often used for no purpose other than to goad a reaction. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. When I call a game overrated, I don’t mean it’s bad, that the reviews were wrong, that the people who liked it were dopes, or even that I didn’t like it. It just means I’m surprised more people weren’t more critical, that the conversation wasn’t more often about ways the game could have been better."

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IamTylerDurden1520d ago

Overwatch should be 1 through 10.

WellyUK519d ago

no you just dont like MP games and hate the fact that Overwatch is a very good MP game.

IamTylerDurden1518d ago

I hate the fact that Overwatch was beloved before it even shipped. I hate the fact that Overwatch gets praised for adding content later and other games get called bare bones. I hate the fact that Battleborn is considered utter trash and Overwatch is goty. I hate the fact that Blizzard is selling a f2p for $60. I hate the fact that it turned lootboxes and microntransactions into a plague that poisons our industry. I hate many of the cheesy character designs. I hate Overwatch's shoddy hit detection and poor gunplay. I hate that Blizzard couldn't make a proper Pro patch. But i don't hate Overwatch for being a mp game.

_-EDMIX-_518d ago

You mean Team Fortress 2? OverWatch is not a bad game but OverWatchs concept is basically Team Fortress 2....

kevnb519d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Ya you are right, the people who play and love it are actually imagining having fun.

IamTylerDurden1518d ago

Whether ppl have fun with Overwatch or not is not the issue. Ppl had fun with Floppy Birds and Pokemon Go as well, but are they truly great games? Overwatch is a good, fun, but somewhat limited game. It is nothing more. It deserved a low 80's Metacritic and just as much flack as Battlefront and SFV for its lack of content. In fact, Battlefront and SFV are not so dissimilar. Both well made, competent games with solid mechanics and a lack of content at launch.

The fact is, Overwatch is exceptionally Overrated and is by no means goty. In reality, Blizzard took the heart and soul of Team Fortress, hyped it up, slapped $60 on the box and shipped it to the masses.

_-EDMIX-_518d ago

@iam- trust me I dislike OverWatch as much as the next guy simply because it's basically ripping off Team Fortress 2.

But when you start questioning if a game is great simply because people are having fun with it you've completely lost all logic and Common Sense.

Yes people having fun with a game likely means is probably great lol

What other measurement could you possibly add?

KaZeDaRKWIND518d ago

You really think Overwatch is the cause of the lootbox plague?

Its fun. You can easily play it with only the default purchase and no microtransactions. Hitboxes could be better and they are working on better balancing them. I don't see how adding content like skins and sprays which you can get without paying shouldn't be praised. I just think you're an overly biased person and are just looking for reasons to hate it.

Kurdishcurse518d ago

naah. uncharted 4 by a trillion miles.

korea09518d ago

I think it should but if it was people would go bananas in the comments

XanderZane518d ago

LOL!! No.
Are these games overrated? Scores provided by Metacritic.
1. The Division (80 rating) No.
2. No Man's Sky (PS4 71 rating / PC 61 rating). The PC score is accurate. So no
3. Final Fantasy XV (82 rating) No. That score is about right for this game.
4. Firewatch (PS4 -76, XB1-85, PC-81) Yes, it deserves a 70 score really.
5. Darkest Dungeon (rating 84) No
6. Overwatch - (91 rating) No
7. The Witness - (87 - rating) Yes
8. That Dragon, Cancer (rating - 78) Yes
9. Planet Coaster (rating - 84) No
10. Civilization VI - (rating - 88) Yes.

BlackDoomAx518d ago

Omg, i'm not the only one thinking that. Thx.

Harryvok518d ago

I agree. Found nothing special about Overwatch to warrant the hype. All the love comes across a bit fanboyish. I personally believe Titanfall 2 is a bit underrated.

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ninsigma519d ago

I'm 21 hours in (on chapter 3) and can't say I feel FF15 is overrated. It's very fun to play. It has a few things I take issue with but I'm always looking forward to jumping back on to play.

Don't agree with firewatch either. That game was satisfying to me.

The division is a tough one because most of the things that would make it overrated is from the end game pvp but no one really knew that until the game had been out for a while. Very much enjoyed the SP/coop side of the game but the dark zone was just annoying.

No mans sky I'd agree with I guess. Leaving controversy of missing features aside, the game was itself was fine but ultimately boring. I think people got a bit too hyped for that one.

Haven't played over watch but I honestly felt there were better deserving games (including some that weren't nominated) for GOTY.

Seems people have enjoyed the witness but to me it doesn't seem anything special.

No opinion on the other games on your list!

velodappart519d ago

really a shity list, with almost no explication
would nit click again

Sciurus_vulgaris518d ago

Quartertothree is one of the worst review sites on the internet. They will give games absurdly low scores, just to extra clicks.

AcidDvl519d ago

Darkest Dungeon, The Witness, Civilization VI, Firewatch, Overwatch are all great games on their own rights. This type of "Jornalism" is terrible, it's just a kid hating on good games.

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Aloy-Boyfriend518d ago

Underrated. I feel like I'm the only one who loved Uncharted 4.

Bahamut518d ago

You're not though... it did very well.

IamTylerDurden1518d ago

Uncharted 4 sold millions and is a 93 Metacritic. It is beloved.

Dark_Knightmare2518d ago

But you're not it sold very well and reviewed extremely well. I can bet it gets most of the goty awards from gaming sites also.

kraenk12518d ago

No you aren't...the only ones who think so are the ones who can't play it anyway.

Aloy-Boyfriend518d ago

Jesus people

I was being sarcastic...

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IamTylerDurden1518d ago

Funny joke. Please do breakdown why Uncharted 4 is overrated and Overwatch is not.

Septic518d ago

I love your hypocrisy. Above you state Uncharted's metacritic score and say it's 'beloved' but you constantly deride Overwatch even though that has a high metacritic score and is 'beloved' too.

Stogz518d ago

@Septic you of all people talking about hypocrisy? Now that's hilarious!

IamTylerDurden1517d ago


Read the context. I stated U4's meta and sales bc i was responding to the guy who said "am i the only one who loves U4". Jesus. Try harder.

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