Game Rentals Coming To Steam?

GameViper writes: "Several rumors have been floating around that Steam will begin offering game rentals to it's users. According to one source, an upcoming Steam update will add this new functionality:

* Price points starting at $5.
* More games to be added to rental list.
* New category in Steam Store."

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Charmers3619d ago

Personally I think this is a fantastic idea. However I am a bit skeptical, I cannot see a lot of game developers going along with this.

A lot of publishers rely on hype to sell games of little substance so if they allow people to rent before they buy it will kill sales for their over-hyped junk (not looking particularly in EA or Spore's direction).

What would be even better is if you rent the game and then decide to buy it you get the rental price taken off the purchase price. I can really see this having a serious effect on piracy. Many people claim to pirate a game to try it out. Well here is steam going "pay $5 try the FULL thing MP and all" and if you like it you can then buy it.

pcgia3619d ago

It's def a double edge sword it just comes down to which side is sharper I guess.

I think your last paragraph is the right idea. That would be a very attractive offer and would DDL for games just that much more appealing.

I love the idea, as long as it is like that.

DanB913619d ago

Definitely would make sense, especially for Steam.

This would probably one of those rumors that is truthful

Bolts3619d ago

A fantastic idea, too bad it took this long for someone with the balls to try it out. But I doubt you'll be able to Crysis Warhead or Fallout 3 with this plan. More than likely rental games will be of the budget or older games variety.

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