Fall 2008 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Might Ship on October 28th

Jake writes,

"I just read an interesting theory about what the release date for the Fall 2008 Xbox 360 Dashboard might be October 28th.

The theory is that the game Scene It? Box Office Smash is going to be released on the 28th and since it is a Microsoft published game that is going to be the first game that is going to use the new Avatars feature it might ship at the same time as the Xbox 360 Dashboard update. They might include the dashboard update on the game disc so if it is played on an Xbox 360 that is not connected to Xbox Live it will get a chance to have the new update installed so the use will be able to use Avatar with the game."

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ASSASSYN 36o3472d ago

Fallout 3 ships that day. That means we are getting a twofer!

Masta_fro3472d ago

well that's good since Ive been having problems with the dashboard updates...they wont update my RROD!!!

haha, im j/k guys i couldn't resist, we all know that's in the past...

SeNiLe9113472d ago

From the 23rd to the 25th we should have a New Experience to wake up to.

InMyOpinion3472d ago

That's crazy. 360 owners will be getting their XBL overhaul before PS3 owners get their Home. I guess one waits while the other delivers. All talk no action.

TrevorPhillips3472d ago

first they said september 25th not october 28th common

Elven63472d ago

Might is different then will

Megatron083472d ago

its a shame that stupid lil fanboys dont realize that rumors are just that rumors. They are not official or confirmed. MS's only official statement about the release in that it be fall of 08.

AAACE53471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I think they would want to get the update to as many people as possible before the fall games start coming out so that people have time to get familiar with if before all the games come out! Otherwise, it will come out and people might overlook it and now find out exactly what it's about.


MS will compete with games. The update technically can't compete with games. It is primarily to give the 360 interface an attractive new look and add some more appealing features.

jack who3472d ago

same was said that it would come sep25

solidsnakus3472d ago

there was no avatars in scene it. so no this isnt coming out till late november/early dec, just like the last update which i think came out december 3?

Stryfeno23472d ago

Just let it come out before Gears 2 hit. I want to use the party feature.

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The story is too old to be commented.