How Was 2016 For The Xbox One? Not as bad as You Think

As 2016 comes to an end, reflection starts to set in. The year has seen the console market change slightly, with all of the ‘Big Three’ either announcing or releasing new hardware. Sony’ Playstation Pro, Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Scorpio, they’ve all drawn their line in the sand. Today let's focus on the Xbox One.

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BlakHavoc610d ago

We got the X1S, Gears 4 and FH3 so I'd say it was great.

Gaming_Cousin610d ago

You were only satisfied with two games?

BlakHavoc610d ago

No not really but I'm also not complaining. I enjoyed the games I played thoroughly so no whining here. I only own an Xbox for those 2-3 big exclusives (halo, gears, forza), and god hopefully a Lost Odyssey 2.

PixelGateUk610d ago

I'd die with glee if Lost Odyssey 2 happened, though i'm not holding my breath

darthv72610d ago

Well, there may be some hope if the free release of the original is anything to go by.

andrewsquall609d ago

Not necessarily. Sunset Overdrive went on Games with Gold too and still surprisingly went undownloaded as Xbox owners still weren't interested. And what a shame too as it was one of the better, main, literally exclusive on Xbox only, games to grace the console for its first 2 years.

BizarroUltraman609d ago


Thats completely false! It was one of top downloaded games when it came out for free.

game4funz609d ago

And ori definitive edition, quantum, recore and the awesome backwards compatible games like Odyssey which we just got for free. Yay

610d ago
PixelGateUk610d ago

Forza Horizon 3 was awesome, easily one of the best games on the system

Garethvk610d ago

They had some good stuff but nothing that would make me want to buy a console for.

andrewsquall609d ago

I think the main point is, Gears and Forza never did anything for me last gen, that includes Fable and Halo too. So if 2 of those were the biggest things later in the fall of this year.... oh dear.

Kribwalker609d ago

I was never into team Ico games, or dragon quest games, which would give me no exclusives to buy on my PS4 this fall....oh dear smh

game4funz609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

For you....
What if someone said. Uncharted and last of us never did anything for them? that includes god of war and the narrative story telling games beyond and heavy rain.
Would it still be oh dear?

The main point to take is just because you dont like the games on a console by default doesnt mean the console didnt have good releases.

609d ago
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