Dreamcast Retrospective: 16 Years On From Sega’s Final Festive Push

Sony and Microsoft were establishing themselves as the behemoths, whereas the old guard – namely Nintendo and Sega – began to see their market share fade. Nintendo kept going and to this day are still bringing out new consoles, but for Sega, this was the final nail in their console-making coffin.

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stonecold3495d ago

i wish sega were making console still i would support them if they did

FallenAngel1984495d ago

I for one am glad that Sega went third party because it means I can play a lot of their games on a lot of the platforms I already own


The mighty Sega Dreamcast how I love that system I still own one to this day

bouzebbal494d ago

The console was amazing in every aspect (except the D-pad). The biggest problem with it is that it had mostly arcade games. Nothing wrong with that, the trouble is that Arcade games are most of the time best with co-op (4 on most games). So most of the time one guy owns the console and his friends drop by to play together, all we had to do is to buy a controller each.
So many times we played one level of Crazy taxi each and laugh at the guy driving. It was the most social console ever for me.
Some of my best ever gaming memories are from a console i never owned myself, and my friends share the same opinion as me.

BizarroUltraman494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Resident Evil Code Veronica, Grandia, Phantasy Star, Seaman, JetSet Radio, Shenmue come to mind...the birth of Sega Sports with Visual Concepts/2K Sports... So it wasnt always about arcade games. Maybe thats what you was playing but there was def plenty of non arcade games on the console. Skies of Arcadia...another one that comes to mind.

Goldby494d ago

oh skies and jet grind

bouzebbal494d ago

You don't get my point.. I am aware of all these games

KickSpinFilter494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

I still have a working Dreamcast it was such a great sstem. Ever since that point they just really don't try anymore. As a software company you'd figure they would push their IP's more. JetSet, Crazy Taxi, Voot, Burning Rangers, Vitua Fighter, Sega Rally, Sega Super GT, etc, etc. They claim to be listening to the fan base now lets wait and see.

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