NZGamer: FaceBreaker Review

NZGamer writes: "There is something refreshing about a game that keeps things as simple as FaceBreaker. It's like a fighter who knows how to take a punch, knows how to hit hard, and cares about little else. EA Sports' latest offering FaceBreaker keeps it that simple. It drops you straight into the middle of a boxing ring. It gives you two buttons to jab with, a button to block with, a button for your finishing move and that's about it. It asks little more from a player then to square up and start pounding. It is an unabashed, unashamed button masher that leaves concepts like subtlety, technique and realism at ringside holding the spit bucket, a jar of Vaseline and a sweaty, blood soaked towel.

From the moment you switch the game on it seems like all the frills have been discarded in favour of getting you into the ring as quickly as possible. There is barely a cut scene to be seen before you are presented with the game's simple and straightforward menu. There are four fight modes, a couple of online options, a trophy room, some tutorial videos and the boxer factory where you can edit your fighter. While at the top of the menu, begging to be clicked, is the self-explanatory Fight option."

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