Real-World Halo Suit Exposed

This suit is no joke. Troy Hurtubise is either brilliant or insanse for creating a body suit that resembles the Halo suit. It can withstand knives, bullets, light explosives, clubs, and rounds from an elephant gun.

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Syko3983d ago

But can this baby stand up to that damn chainsaw bayonet!! If so get me one cuz' I hate noobs that use that damn chainsaw on GOW!!! Die NUBS!

ryanjtravis3983d ago

This might be the coolest thing I have EVER SEEN. It looks cool enough, and then to read that it is bulletproof, knifeproof, etc...
This guy is the man!!!

AuburnTiger3983d ago

You might need to get out a little more.

ryanjtravis3983d ago

I think the dude who made the Spartan suit probably needs to get out a little more than I do :)

Mr Murda3983d ago

Don't know, but those are pretty darn cool too!

sjappie3983d ago

that a weapon in a game is noobish makes you a noob. For every attack in GOW there's a way to counter it. And sometimes you just get unlucky and get chainsawed, either you take it like a man or just don't play the game. Actually I can't believe you would b*tch about that,noob.

Syko3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Try a sense of humor JACKASS! Don't worry my shotty deals with the nubs.

While i'm off topic what's your tag sjappie cuz' I can only think of one way to curb your insobordination. You me execution, Your choice of map. You lil' Nancy! ; P GET SOME!!

Spunkmeyer433983d ago

It makes me feel very bilious that people use the term noob as an insult. Calling some one a noob for not being a gaming pro or not having knowledge of a certain game always makes me laugh and instantly visualise an image of a spot laden teenager who's hobbies include nailing noobs, Self flagellation and buffy! Please lets not use that word.

sjappie3983d ago

I just get a bit sick of people lately, whining grenadetagging is "noobish", and now this with the chainsaw. But ok, haha!
My gamertag is SJAPPIE B, look me up PSYCHO 360. And bring your sense of humor.

ImTheNumber123983d ago

To me it looks somewhat like a cog suit. That thing is pretty overkill. Imagine that in the wrong hands!

Xtrm L1481L1TY3983d ago

He looks like a F*cking gimp.

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The story is too old to be commented.