The Fate Of The Missing Underwater 'Spore' Stage

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Jump to 2:08 in the video and you'll see the one part of game designer Will Wright's 2005 Game Developers' Conference unveiling of "Spore" that didn't make it into the final game. What happened to the 3D underwater stage that appeared to follow Cell Stage and precede Creature Stage? It's not in the final game.

I asked Wright about the omission during our interview two Fridays ago.

He said: 'We were originally going to have underwater civilizations. You could play Tribe and Civ underwater. But we did a lot of prototyping of that, and we never got a satisfactory interface. It was really way too hard to use. So we ended up cutting that and forcing the player onto land primarily for usability reasons.'"

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blvdnights14143625d ago

UM does he UM realize UM what UM he is UM saying UM

multipayer3625d ago

Wouldn't doubt they repackage this as an expansion, it is from the creator of that Sims game..

Fux4Bux3625d ago

So much potential..... ends up as a mediocre epic fail.

3625d ago
yamamoto1143625d ago


No, that's seriously how I read it the first time around. XD