Atari: 'We'll be a billion dollar distributor'

Infogrames CEO David Gardner reveals battleplan after Namco Bandai deal

Namco Bandai's investment in Infogrames' European and Asian distribution business will create an entirely new spin-off firm that could bring up to a quarter of the European trade's games to market.

That was the message from Infogrames CEO David Gardner as he revealed his company's intentions to MCV.

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DavidMacDougall3661d ago

Really Mr Atari even after Alone in the dark beta

Heldrasil3661d ago

I couldn't have said it better....

Raoh3661d ago

Look at it this way, in regards to alone in the dark, no other company has placed a beta in so many hands as atari has. and and received a decent dollar to fund the official release of alone in the dark this fall.

solid business plan if you ask me. Test your buggy software on low end hardware before it goes live on high end hardware.