Final Fantasy XIII-2 is Better Than Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is better than Final Fantasy XV because the combat is more interesting, the story is better, and the characters are more interesting.

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KimikoGaming647d ago

I actually did really enjoy XIII-2. It was honestly the most fun I have had with any of the games after FF10. XV was also really fun but it was very short lived.

UnSelf646d ago

XV has the best combat system of any FF. The Negate All Damage Ascension node is a game changer literally and figuratively

Da One646d ago

Did you not play X-2, best battle system in FF (terrible everything else

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Gitgud646d ago

I don't see how people disagree with @UnSelf, XV brought a new unique combat system to the table, and it rocks.

Bebob646d ago

Actually, i think its one of the worst combat system. The only thing i did was hold attack. Never defend, only heal myself with potions. Just keep potions and elixer wel stocked. (witch you can buy in your car)! And the batlle sytem is good as broken.

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naruga646d ago

FF Xiii is just quick made trash not only as an FF entry also as a game ...has no relation with FFXV wich maybe its not the best FF but its stands on its own very well and its a very well made game

kalkano647d ago

I agree, even though I didn't like 13-2 a whole lot.

Also, it's astounding that these comments are being marked as spam. The fanboy mods are out of control.

Kingthrash360647d ago

Agreed. ...while I actually like Final Fantasy 15 better than Final Fantasy 13-2 I didn't see anything wrong with the comments that were marked as spam

SegaGamer646d ago

It's been happening a lot on here of late. Let's face it, the site is going more and more downhill by the week.

FallenAngel1984647d ago

Noel and Noctis are among my favorite protagonists in the series