Liked The Last Guardian? Try These 7 Games

There's more tales to be told. Here are 7 games that are similar to The Last Guardian to some degree.

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isarai727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Really? No Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom? That game is awesome and more like TLG than anything on your list besides ICO/SotC and okami/tlou are a really far stretch as anything resembing TLG.

SvenMossoux723d ago

Hay Isarai! Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom was originally intended to be on this list, along with Papo & Yo. Both didn't make the cut, however, but we're glad those titles are far from forgotten!

KingAlistair725d ago

Inside is much better than anything listed here.And i got it for 5$!PC,Steam FTW.

KickSpinFilter725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

$5!?! Nyce I paid $20 :{
GOTY for me.

SvenMossoux723d ago

Hey KickSpinFilter! Inside was originally on the list, but it didn't end up making the cut.